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Bear has been here since Sunday and he is a joy every day. He is an over-zealous cuddler, gives endless kisses, and follows us everywhere!

Even if I get up to go across the room, he doesn't want to miss anything. He is quite a nut, but just wants to please us.

He has already gotten in a scuffle with one of the cats, knocked over his water bowl several times, and figured out the shower curtain is not a wall..... (Not before he was all soaped-up, of course.)

We're still deciding on a walking harness since he's a front-legged amputee. He gets tired on our short walks very easily. His amputation was around the end of November and he is about 4, so he is still getting used to it.

I don't imagine he had many individual walks in his foster home, especially since he was being treated for heart worms,
so hasn't had the chance to get tons of muscle building exercise. And now he is being treated for hookworms.
Poor guy has been through a lot!
We are giving him all the attention we have and can't wait to train him into the incredible dog we know he can be!

Here are some pictures of our baby Bear!
We have taken to calling him Bear-Bear as we often call the Chinchilla NoodlyBear (Noodles) and one of the cats - BooBear. Look at that tail wagging! Thanks again for keeping your ear to the ground for us.

Colleen, David, and Bear
Friday April 3, 2015


Hi, this is Te'a, a German Shepherd mix rescue puppy, rescued at 9 weeks, missing her right front leg at birth. She is now 20 weeks old and runs like the wind retrieving her frisbee and ball.

She is doing well and growing as she should.

I would like advice as to how best to help her get into and out of a car. Also, what do you do about walks? I'm not sure how far I should expect Te'a to walk. I've actually invested in a dog stroller for large dogs, but I'm not sure that is the route to go. I'm also looking for a tripod dog support group in the L.A. (South Bay) area. Do you know of any?

Thank you for your website, and for your support.

Connie & Te'a
Sunday May 10, 2015

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