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I just found Cassie's Club, and would like to tell you about my dog, Buddy. He is a yellow lab, probably about two years old, who was found on a farm in Iowa in August, 1996. His left front leg was shattered, and he had buckshot wounds in his face. He had been on the farm several days, but wouldn't let anyone near him. He was rescued by Becky Loyd and Kathy Coy, who arranged for the local animal shelter to take him in while they tried to raise the funds to treat him.
Upset and concerned about him, Becky turned to the labrador list on the internet, telling the members about the "sad little man." Those on the list began writing Becky, offering to donate funds for his treatment. Within the next couple of days, there was enough money to pay for his surgery, and he went home with Becky and Kathy to recuperate. The money kept coming in, though, and that was the beginning of LABMED, the Labrador Emergency Medical Fund, which is a non-profit organization, run entirely over the internet, for the purpose of raising funds to assist rescued labradors who need medical treatment. In its first year, LABMED has assisted eight other rescued labs, all in need of medical treatment that the local rescue organization could not afford.
In March, 1997, LABMED held its first major fund-raiser, an auction carried out over the internet. During that time, I found out that Buddy was still available for adoption, and my husband and I decided to add him to our family, which already included Clay, my husband's Seeing Eye dog, a 5-year old chocolate lab. We also have two other dogs, both rescues: Daisy, a 6-year old mixed breed, and Barney, a 2-year old Beagle.
Buddy came to us in late March, and has found his way into our hearts as well as our home. He goes with me to work often, and we are working on his obedience training. I'd like to eventually do pet therapy with him. We were so happy to find out about Cassie and the other members of her club, and Buddy would be honored to become a member. Thanks for the opportunity to join!
I'm sending you two pictures of Buddy, and one of Buddy and Clay.
For more information about Buddy or about LABMED, I can be reached at:

Dranda Whaley

Member, LABMED
Friday September 26, 1997

Hessi (the yellow dog now at rest)
Clay (the chocolate dog who melts in your heart, not in your hands) Buddy (the yellow dog who went from Bullet to bouncy)
Nashville, Tennessee



Casey is 11 years old and has a gray face. I'm glad he is feeling much better! Casey is a boy, just to let you know. My family and I don't really notice it much now that his leg and toe is missing. They removed his toe because of melanoma cancer and he got his leg removed because of another kind of cancer. Where do you live? I live on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Steve Davis

Saturday April 1st, 2000
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