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Hi Cassie, My name is Drifter and I am a 6 year black English Labrador. My family was devastated when they found out I had a cancerous tumor in my shoulder, but I knew they would do the right thing for me. They were very sad trying to figure out whether or not I would be happy with 3 legs or if I would be better off going to the bridge. Well! I was not ready and fortunately the internet was here and they read everything possible about 3 legged dogs. They chose life for me and I haven't regretted it for one minute. I am now cancer free and to tell you the truth, I don't miss my leg at all. Heck, all dogs have 3 legs and then one spare. I guess I used my spare so I am just a regular guy now I still enjoy my games of fetch and sneak into the koi pond from time to time as I love water. My family is talking about buying me a lifevest and letting me go swimming again in the lake. I am so happy with my new life!

Wags and kisses,



Hi. I found your site while looking for a prosthesis for my 3-legged pup. What an interesting thing! We rescued our Ebony from a young couple who got her (my guess) for the oddity of it, then left her as a very young pup (6 mos - 10 mos) out in a particularly harsh Vermont winter with no food or water to speak of . . . needless to say, I stepped in. She's now 4, almost 5 - and a complete pampered princess. She's enjoyed very good health and has been very agile until this winter - another very very harsh winter for us. And, this is really why I'm writing . . . I'm now desperately looking for some sort of a prosthesis for her - anything or anyone who can craft such a product to help her balance her weight. Since she's been without her leg from about 3 months, her entire body has shifted to accommodate the loss, but she's falling more and she's getting stiff. She's a Kai-Spitz cross (looks like a Japanese Kai) so about 35 or so pounds. I watch her diet like crazy to make sure she isn't supporting more weight than she can handle and I have her on doggy aspirin and MSM (just starting the glucosamine) . . . but still she's an active pup and loves to play, etc. and that means . . . she falls! Do you have any ideas or suggestions or thoughts on how I could work out a prosthesis? I want it to be aluminum or something somewhat light so it will give her the best shot at getting use to it . . . do you know of anyone who does such work for pups? Any and all ideas are appreciated. I've attached Ebony's picture. She had a rough start, but we got her at 10 months and she's ended up with a couple who adore her. She loves her older brother, Trapper - a Golden (6, almost 7). She has special beds around when she wants to be on the floor and has a ramp to help her get on the bed. Both she and Trapper both line up in the morning to have their teeth brushed and have a dab of perfume put on. They also love to sit side by side with their backs to me so I'll scratch (and rub) their backs - and they live on 15 acres in Vermont. The picture was taken before we moved into our house. Anyway, the club is a wonderful idea. And, I hope you can help . . .
Thanks . . .
Susan McAdam
Saturday April 05, 2003
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