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Hi! My husband and I are considering (well, my mind's already made up - I'm just trying to convince him) taking in a three-legged pup. Her name is Faith and she was born with a dwarf leg (I included a picture). My husband has concerns that she will not be able to go for walks, play, etc. Can you respond with anything to the contrary or is that the case with a three-legged animal? Also, what type of health issues do three-legged friends encounter different from four-legged? Thanks so much!

Kim Balose
Atlanta, Georgia
Monday May 1st, 2000


Hello, I recently wrote to you briefly about Fly, my 3 legged dog. She is about 18 months old, and is a farm collie, no special breeding but both parents are working farm dogs of collie type. She was first injured in December 1996, her back leg was smashed up as a result of chasing a Landrover up the farm drive - this is great sport for all the farm dogs, but dangerous and several have been killed doing this. She was only a few months old and already small for her age - following this accident she spent 2 months in a filthy kennel receiving little care and occasional food so she never really grew much more. No sooner had she been let out of the kennel and had the strapping removed from the broken back leg than she repeated the event and ended up with a mangled front leg. The bones were not broken so in the belief that it would recover she spent another 2 months shut in the same dismal kennel with the leg dangling pathetically. At the begining of April 1997 it was obvious the leg was not improving and she was about to be shot. As we already had 3 dogs and live in a small house we were reluctant to take her but decided we couldn't let her die and that we would get the leg fixed somehow, then find her a new home. Our vet agreed to amputate the leg - the only course of action possible - for free, and by now everyone who met her fell in love with her, but she had totally won our hearts and we couldn't bear to part with her. She is a very courageous dog and made a brilliant recovery, fitting in well with the others - one of whom Bess is her sister from a previous litter. Then in August 97 she became very ill with serious liver failure though we don't know what caused this. She was completely jaundiced and spent 5 days in the vet hospital on a drip. Recovery has been a long process as a urine problem remained and she has only just had the all clear from this. Just this week her spine and back legs were xrayed so we can get an idea of how much damage she suffered there. Despite the fact that it looks pretty grim - twisted pelvis which is much larger on one side than the other, arthritis in the base of the spine and hip joint, she is full of fun and energy. She goes to dog training club with Bess and they jointly won Dog of the Year in December. I would be so interested to hear of the experiences of anyone else as I'm wondering what the future will hold for her. I'm not sure about how to send images so if you can't view them please could you tell me what to do? I scanned the pics in Photoshop 4 and saved them as jpegs.
Best wishes to you all, I look forward to hearing from you.

Caroline Shipsey

Somerset. BS40 7SA
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