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Hi! I have a little, three-legged dog. She is a miniature pomeranian. She lost her leg when she snuck into the next-door neighbours yard and their bull terrier attacked her. (Big Bully). The neighbours were really mean. They made us pay everything, never asks how she was and insisted that it was completely my dogs fault! The terrier (she) is still alive. We moved though. The terrier acts weird. Runs around barking, nipping at people, once jumped over our fence and attacked our gardener (he got away).
Anyway, here's a pic of my baby. (Isn't she adorable?!?) I would like to join your club.

Malcolm Steele
Thursday November 27, 1997


Dear Cynthia,
My name is Joy, and my little buddy's name is Freeway. I found him in November near Jackson, Mississippi, in the median of a major freeway. He was only a baby, weighing 7 pounds and missing most of his hair. He was covered with bugs, full of worms, starved nearly to death, and in shock. My husband and I were passing through the state on our way from Minnesota to Louisiana when I spotted him. We wrapped him in a blanket and took him with us to New Orleans, where we snuck him into a motel with us where we could bathe him and get some food into him, then the next morning we found a vet who would see him.
The vet's first impression was that Freeway (as I started calling him immediately) was closer to death than life, and that it would be best to put him to sleep. This infuriated me that he was issued a death sentence so quickly, so we asked them to take care of him for a few days until we could bring him back to Minnesota with us. After plenty of x-rays and tests, we were told that both his hind legs were virtually shattered. We gave the go-ahead to set and bandage his legs and do whatever was necessary to get him strong enough to make the road trip home with us. Four days later, we left New Orleans with Freeway in leg casts. We drove straight from there to the University of Minnesota Animal Hospital, where he was checked in for surgery. His left leg was pinned, his right one was pinned and plated. The following week, two days before Thanksgiving, we got to bring him home. Poor baby battled three different kinds of worms and all kinds of infections over the next couple months, but he started feeling better and learning his way around the house. By March, he still was not able to bend the left hind leg, and not at all able to use his right hind leg, though he figured out how to get around just fine!
Everything seemed to be coming along for Freeway until last week when I found some blood on the right leg. A screw had worked its way out and was poking him from the inside out. After a long discussion with our vet, we decided it would be best to remove that leg. His back had become pretty twisted from having to maneuver around the "dead" leg. Hopefully amputation would help save the rest of his body from twisting around so much. Well, he came home from the hospital yesterday, three-legged and very tired. My husband and I feel just awful that this poor little guy has had to go through so much. He weighs 25 pounds now and looks like a completely different dog. Even without that leg, he looks so much healthier and happier. Even the day after amputation, with dark circles under his eyes, he was still willing to give me a tail-wagging and a hand-licking. I'm not sure any human deserves the love of such a beautiful creature. His stitches come out in ten days, and his fur will eventually grow back in to cover his little bald behind. (I think he's more embarrassed about exposing his backside than he is about missing a leg, to be honest!) He really is my miracle. I have a whole album full of pictures of him, but none are yet on disk. I was searching the web this morning to see if I could find some good ideas for helping him to heal quickly. I was SO happy to find Cassie's club...!!! Please count us in!! I'll get his pictures on disk ASAP so everyone can see how beautiful he is. The photos of Cassie and her friends are sure uplifting!!
Keep up the great work, and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking the time to create the Three-Legged Dog Club!!!

Joy Rosenberg
April 28, 1999
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