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Hi there, I just adopted a 3-legged pug named Otis. When he was born the umbilical cord was wrapped around his hind leg and cut the circulation off. The vet casted his foot but when they took off the cast his foot came with it. I met the breeder on the web in November, I adopted Otis in May. I think it is astounding that he can run as fast as the four legged dogs. I just think my Otis is so special. I don't have a photo of his missing foot but I do have a front shot of him wearing his raincoat if you're interested. I will take a picture of his stump and send it to you to show you he is three legged. I love this idea for a club. Please send us more information we would love it!

Monday August 17, 1998


Oh what a great site.. I am writing to you about a wonderful dog named " Precious." there is no other word to describe her; she is simply just precious to me. Today I adopted her from Pet Refuge in Mishawaka, Indiana. My mother is a foster parent for dogs at pet refuge and when I came to her house to make a visit I met Precious for the first time.. she just had had surgery to remove her front left leg.. she was so happy no matter what had happened to her and I knew that she was the dog that I wanted to have. 2 weeks had passed of me coming to see precious at my moms house and she was finally available for adoption so I went in and told pet refuge how much this dog has touched me and that I would love nothing more than to adopt her.. everyone surrounded me as I carried her because everyone at pet refuge just loved her so much and were going to miss her.. I included a clip from She is afraid of garages, the dark and the road. I am trying my best to help her with the trust issue and that we are not going to hurt her.. Evidently what happened was she had been hit by a car and her left leg was broken and the very neglecting owner didn't do anything about it. I can't imagine the pain that she was in. But by the time a very kind neighbor of theirs said if you are not going to take care of this dog then let me get her some medical attention. She took precious to Pet Refuge and they found out that she had no feeling left in the leg and that it must be amputated.. Everytime I look at her she makes me smile and you can tell that she is smiling inside.. Today is the day of the adoption 1-3-04 and I very much look forward to all the good times that we will have.. In my next email I will send a few pictures that I have taken of her..

thank you

Michele Yakym

Precious is just that: precious. She was rescued by a caring person who wanted her to have a better life. She had no use of her front leg and after being examined by a vet, we learned she had no feeling left and it had to be amputated. When she came to us, her tail wagged at us with a loving greeting, and right after her surgery and stay with us, it still continues to wag. She is truly a "precious" dog. To have gone through what she has and still be a loving, gentle little dog is nothing short of miraculous. She has so much spirit. About 1 year old, Precious is very good with children. In her foster home, she is following the cats around, but does ok with them. While she needs to be the only dog in the home, she is a total people type of dog. Someone would have to tell her that she only has 3 legs, because from the time she woke up from her surgery, she has learned to adjust and move around as any other 4-legged dog would. She is a little timid of the outside world, and a fenced yard is a must for her. She weighs only 30 lbs. One of our volunteers writes: "It makes me tear up every time I think about Precious and how loving and sweet this dog is after all that she has been through."
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