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Hi There. We have a beautiful 6 year old tripod named Nicholas. I just found your club and it looks GReat! I have attached a few pics of Nicholas and his big sister Madi. We got both of them from the Rescue A Golden of Arizona. They said he was 8 months when he was hit by a truck and then they amputated immediately after. Nick and Madi are the best of friends. You should see them wrestle, it is soooo cute. Plus Madi is always licking his ears and head. I was worried about when Nick gets older for his one leg. We are actually getting Adequan shots for Madi's hips (Like super Glucosamine that goes right into the joint) and it works awesome so i think we will get them for Nick when he starts to show signs of pain. Funny that the only problem we have with our 3 legged dog is that he jumps on the bed at night. They are our pride and joy!! Both of them are training to be certified so that we can take them to the nursing homes and hospitals in our area.

Tiff Hanson


To make a long painful story short, my husband rescued a 5 day old Doberman who had an extremely broken leg from a truck stop in Opal, Virginia. He slid her into his duffle bag with only a little dairy creamer to keep her going, and they made it. When they got home, she was barely alive. The leg was too shattered to be repaired, but we refused to put her down, because she obviously wanted to live considering that she had made it all the way to our home in Burlington, North Carolina. Well.... she is now three months old... her leg, of course, is still broken, and totally stiff from knee down, she can use it a little at the hip, but it is deformed, and not really useful. Anyway, she will have the leg removed this Wednesday, December 31st. I think I will be kind of sad, it seems so final... and the unexpected is somewhat scary.... it will be nice to finally get the leg out of the way... I get scared when my four year old boxer and Opal play... always scared he's going to step on her leg, or roll over on it... I want you to know that your site has truly helped me... way back when she first came home, Doug and I spent a lot of time discussing her options.. should we keep her alive... her quality of life... your site showed me some truly happy, healthy amputee doggies. Thanks! Also, once we get Opal home and adjusted, we are going to send you some pics of her new physique.

Doug and Amy Lee (Opal and Ike too)
Burlington, NC
Sunday December 28, 1997
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