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Hi Cassie! My name is Sophie. I'm not sure, but I think I'm about 15 months old. I'm a brindle Sheltie, but do not know if I am a purebred or a Sheltie mix. I was the victim of a hit and run accident. The Southland Sheltie Rescue group in La Habra, California found me at animal control, and by the time I was released to them, it was too late to save my leg. My new mom and dad adopted me in March and did not care that I had only three legs. They still wanted me. I now live on the central coast in California near the beach with my older sister Sara and six indoor cats. We all get along great and I especially like my two brother cats, Andy and Aspen, because they like to run up and down the hallway with me. Sara also likes to run and wrestle with me and we have a lot of fun. Since living in my new home, I have seen so many new things. My mom and dad say that I am a quick learner and that I am growing up very nicely. Since I have been in my new home, I get to sleep on the big bed with Sara and my new parents. I know that I now have a good home and that they love me very much, and will always take care of me and keep me safe. It's nice to feel loved and wanted. Thank you, Cassie, for starting a 3-legged club and for sharing your web site with all of us.

Dolores & Richard Pelton
Wednesday July 5th, 2000

Just wanted to wish Cassie and you guys a Merry Christmas from California. Sending along a Christmas of Sophie and Sara. Sara had to have a toe amputated from her back foot several months ago. Cancerous growth on a pad which was malignant, so one complete toe had to removed. She is doing well and the vet felt positive everything was removed. Have a wonderful holiday.

Sunday December 24, 2000


My name is Hunter's Skyline Storm. My friends and family call me Stormy and I am 2 years old. I live in Cody WY.
I am not a three-legged dog but a three-footed dog.

I was born with a birth defect and my right leg and foot did not finish developing. I ended up with my family because the people who had my dam could not find anyone to take me and their vet wanted to take my leg off. When my sires family heard about that they were worried about how I would be able to swim without my front leg, so they asked my dams family if they could have me. My new mom drove to Idaho to get me. I live with five other family members, Dianna my mom, Steve my Dad, Sam (he is my sire) and Athena (my best friend). We have lots of fun together, running, fighting, and playing and I love to annoy Squirt, the family cat.

About a year ago I ended up having problems with my stump, it kept filling with fluid. When the vet looked at it he told my family that we had two choices: we could cut the leg off, because if it got infected for any reason it would probably be impossible to get rid of the infection, the other choice was to get a prosthetic. We chose the prosthetics and I am still trying to learn how to use it. By using it the fluid in my stump has gone away and we are hoping that it will keep me from having hip problems.

Dianna Knadel
Saturday January 29, 2000
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