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Hi, my name is Trooper, and I just lost my right front leg. Mom says I was back to myself the day after surgery. Here is my story.

I am a two year old white poodle. My Mom is a vet tech for my vet, and she is always bringing home new dogs. I made number 14, and I am having so much fun with my new dog friends. One of the clients of my Mom's vet clinic found me on the road after I was hit by a car. My back left leg was broken in three places, and my right front leg was so severly damaged it had to be amputated. I wasn't expected to live as I also had severe chest trauma that was causing a lot of fluid in my lungs, and I could not breathe very well.

My Mom told the lady who rescued me that she would take care of me and add me to her family. Within five days of my accident, my lungs were healthy again and I was feeling much better. The cast on my broken leg finally came off after six weeks, and two weeks later my front leg was amputated. This was just 9 days ago, and my stitches are out and I am running around and I don't even miss my leg. I am very small, only 9 pounds, but I can jump up on the couch and chairs already so I can sit by my new Mom. I even get to sleep in her bed with all the other little dogs. The bigs dogs sleep in the living room on the couches and chairs.

We are all rescues, and we have lots of fun together. I would love to join your club. One of Mom's friends told her about it. Here is a picture of me before and after my surgery.

Love, Trooper


Meet Warner, BARK's mascot, the puppy who refused to give up. On January 22, 2000, a family was driving down the highway and noticed a puppy on the side of the road. He was sitting up but unresponsive. When they noticed he was missing most of one leg, they immediately picked him up and rushed him to a veterinarian, where he recuperated for a week. The veterinarian was able to find the owners, who live in Tennessee. Upon hearing that their dog was found, they refused to pick him up or pay for any medical treatment. They claimed Warner had "gotten away" when they were at a rest stop, but they continued home. In reality, they had dumped him to fend for himself. On Superbowl Sunday, BARK heard of this dog's plight and agreed to help, as the family who found him was unable to keep him, and did not want to take him to a shelter. He was named "Warner." Warner's stump was in need of surgery. This leg was not growing with the rest of him, and it had developed severe osteoporosis. Nothing could be done to save this leg, and it had to be amputated. Dr. Mary Jean Gorse, Warner's orthopedic surgeon at Veterinary Specialty Services, agreed that Warner was most likely hit by a car. Incredibly, his other front leg had been broken and, judging by the state of his wounds, this puppy had been on his own for a week. How he walked, much less survived, with one front leg missing and the other broken, is a mystery. This little guy obviously had a very strong will to live, and he was only 10 weeks old! The operation went smoothly, and Warner is a very happy three-legged puppy. However, we did learn some bad news as well. Warner, at only four months old, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia in both hips. He is only showing the early signs, but no one knows what will happen when he reaches his full size. He may be fine, but he'll likely require hip surgery when he's a young adult-- no one can tell at this stage. Due to his unknown prognosis and having zero "good" legs, Warner became "the dog no one wanted." After being in foster care for six months, it was decided that this spirited little guy, BARK's first rescue, was to be our mascot. Warner attends many of BARK's events with the message of hope for other dogs. He lives with BARK's founder and has brothers and a sister that he loves. Every BARK dog deserves the same happy ending as Warner, our MVP. Warner sends sloppy kisses to Dr. Mary Jean Gorse at Veterinary Specialty Services in Clayton, MO for taking such good care of him! Warner and Star, BARK's other three-legged dog. They're even missing the same leg! Star's leg was likely shot off, but she has a home!
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