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Hello everybody - my name is Jake. I was adopted by my Mom and Dad when they came to The Birmingham Dogs Home to pick a "small" dog, but they took one look at me and couldn't resist! That was in 1992, and from that day on, I've had them wrapped around my little fingernail! My name was Tripod in the Dogs Home, because I only had three legs, but I liked to be called Jake. Nobody I know knows how I came to have three legs. Having three legs never stopped me from doing anything! My favorite time is when I go the park, and meet my friends (sometimes I steal their toys). I love getting fuss and attention, especially when they scratch my belly! I used to go on holiday to the beach and help my Dad fly his kite, but the journey is too long for me now, so we just go the park. When I was younger, people looked at me when I had a pee because I could do a handstand on my front two legs! (I can't now, I'm too old and I'd fall over). I'm about 14 years old now and have gone grey and a bit deaf (funny though, I can still hear the rustle of chocolate paper!), but my tail never stops wagging because I know my Mom and Dad love me that much, I'm the happiest dog in the world.

Jake's front paw, the leg opposite the one that's missing, is slightly splayed out, the vet said its arthritis. There is much more pressure on the opposite leg. He can't walk far now, about 200 feet, we have to drive to the park, let him out and have a little rest every now and again. He only seems to like walking on grass. But he still insists on going. We've always tried to keep his weight down, so he hasn't got too much weight on his back leg. Our vet, who has become a friend over the years, thinks he is doing so well because we have always exercised him at least twice everyday. Last year he had to have an operation to remove his anal gland (!) on his side where his leg is missing. Apparently this can become a problem if it's not done when the leg is removed. It kept getting infected and after months of medication we had no choice. We were so worried because there was always the chance that it would have taken him off his back leg. But, thank God, he made a full recovery. He's at the park now, with his Dad! For the last 4 years or so, he has had Glucosomine (1200mg) and Chrondroitin (300mg) per day, which we think helps with his arthritis, and would recommend anybody to try it. He's a big dog, so smaller dogs wouldn't need so much. He also has Metacam, which we get from the vets. I don't know if you can get it over there, but it's that good, we're thinking of taking it ourselves for our aches and pains!

Julie & Mick Soulsby
Birmingham, United Kingdom


Casey is our three-legged Jack Russell terrier. He lost his leg about 6 months ago when he was hit by a car. The driver of the car brought him to a shelter where we fell in love with him! We knew right away that we wanted to bring him home and help him forget about the accident. Despite the accident Casey is the happiest, friendliest dog I have ever met! He loves running around the backyard with his brother Luke and I sometimes wonder if he even realizes he is missing a leg. He has become quite the cuddler, and I can't imagine my life without him. Thank you for this website, I love to hear about all of the other three-legged dogs that are doing so well!

Erin Ford

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