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This accident just took place. It was a Sunday morning and I was going to go out and walk Wiley. He managed to get away from me and started to play around. He jumped out in front of a truck and was run over in front of me. The Doctors said the type of injuries he had were some of the worst they have ever seen. They had to remove his right back leg. They left his hip piece there because they said it helps protect male dogs. He is doing better everyday!! Starting to walk better too!! Wiley is just a year old in July 2004. I never thought of water exercise??? Good idea though. I pretty much came to terms that he won't live his entire life span but the vet said 8-10 years before it got to the point where we would consider having them take over for us. That day will stink!! He is our little baby and we spoil the crud out of him. We have a dog park in our city park that is all grass and fenced in where people take their dogs to just run so once he is all healed I will probably take him there. His stitches came out today and the Doc said that he looks great and is already back to his self. He is starting to play again and trying to keep up with me in the yard. We are starting to wrestle again and have fun!! So hopefully things will get back to normal again before soon. It's funny you don't realize how much you love your pet until something like this happens. He is mine, my big baby and my best friend. He's always right by my side. Even when we sleep it seems like he has to be right up under my arm like a little baby. So anyways, it has been great talking to you and you having us in your thoughts!! Thanks again!!

Ryan Hailey


Hi, My name is Chip, and my best buddy in the world Rusty is a 3-legged dog. Rusty lost his leg last year after having been hit by a car. We rushed him to a local vet who said they could not do too much to help him, so we took the 25- mile drive into Boston with him. The local vet bandaged him up and put an IV in for the ride. To make a long story short, I thought he was gone for sure. He was only 3 years old and we loved him very much, so when they said they could save him and amputate the rest of the leg, we went for it. I was very surprised how well and how quick he came around, He was so brave and did so well. It has been a little over a year now and we are so glad we decided to save him and keep him for as long as he is happy and can live a pain free and productive life.

Rusty is part shepherd, and he is a cutie (LOL). I don't really know what other mix he has in him, face looks a little like pit bull, but I'm not sure. He is the "Bestest boy," That's what we call him. One ear up, One down LOL, That's the joke around here. I have read a lot of the stories on your page and I am just learning how common 3-legged dogs are. I wouldn't have him any other way. I tell him all the time, "You look good Rusty; Dogs don't need 4 legs!" (LOL). He is a handsome boy and we love him like a son, they are part of your family. Rusty does do most everything he used to, only less of it. The thing he misses most is the trampoline. He used to get a run at it and up he went, Now he just can't do it, he has gained weight, That's my fault but I tend to spoil him, If it starts to affect him in a negative way I will take some off of him. He gets enough exercise, just not too much; it makes him sore the next day if he stays out and plays "Puppy" too long. He is a great couch potato though LOL. He loves TV and his water bowl with ice (Told 'ya I spoil him) He loves all his brothers and sisters, (Wife and I have 7 children) and he loves to play ball.

The children were a big part in us deciding on amputation, They didn't want Rusty to die, And we had a wonderful Lady Dr. Doctor Gannon, I will never forget her, She fell in love with Rusty and put my mind at ease because I never really knew about amputee dogs and she said he would do just fine, And he did. He can be aggressive, He "Guards" Momma when they are alone in the house, and we have to be careful with strangers, But he will listen and gets used to someone quick. This dog knows he is loved and shows it back with many, many kisses LOL. Thank you for the interesting thoughts on this subject, and keep loving those 3-legged dogs LOL.

Just like human amputees, 3-legged dogs experience "Phantom Limb" syndrome. Rusty still does when he is sleeping; you can see his stump moving, in his case it's squirrels he is chasing (LOL). When he started running around again he had a hard time with cornering, He would flip (LOL) and land on his head. It didn't take long for him to figure it out. We don't put him on the trampoline anymore, I'm afraid of more injury. I sent you some pics of my very handsome boy. He is such a loving dog. He went thru a little bit of depression after the surgery. Dr. Gannon said that was normal for a while.

Rusty was a water addict before the loss of the leg. We will see this year when we go to the lake if he's still up to it. I'm sure he will still love the water. In the summer it gets hot here so I fill a kiddie pool for him and he lays in that (LOL), then he gets his water with ice in his bowl. Most of the time he likes to lay in the air-conditioned room and sleep. He was a very good swimmer at one time; even in the river with a little current he was a strong swimmer, never afraid. Now he's gotten a little older, a little fatter and, I think, a little smarter. We will try the lake again this summer with him and see how he does.

Chas E. Folland

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