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Hello - we adopted our little Pepito in January of this year. I saw his picture on and instantly knew he was for us. The photo was placed by the woman who runs Puppy Angels in Hopkinton, NH. They rescue dogs and puppies from areas where there are a high number of strays that usually end up in a kill shelter.

Pepito was in a shelter in Puerto Rico, Second Chance Animal Rescue from October to January. Little Pepito was found begging for food at a lunch when someone noticed his injured back leg. He was brought to the shelter so the Vet could take care of them. The Vet determined the leg was beyond repair and infection had set in. They figured he was about 3 months old at the time this happened. Two days after the surgery he was up and trying to walk and run.

Puppy Angels flew him to NH from Puerto Rico for us to adopt him on Jan. 3rd and we picked him up the same day. I rode with him in my arms the whole 90-minute ride. They said they think he was born in July of last year so he's about 1 now. He's the greatest dog in the whole world. He's very friendly and social with other animals. We have had no problems with him whatsoever.

We take him to the beach here in Maine almost every day so he can run around with other dogs. Most people don't realize he has only three legs when they see him running with other dogs. It's not until Pepito comes up to someone to be petted do they realize he's missing a leg. As you can see in the pictures, he has a "brother", Merle, 2 1/2 year old basset hound. They are perfect companions. They both love to run and are about the same speed.

He's gained 10 pounds and 2.5 inches since we got him. They had actually named him Crackerjack at he shelter in Puerto Rico but I thought Pepito was a good Spanish name. Like the little boy in the children's book Madeline. We had a little contest amongst friends and family, who could come up with the most clever name for a 3 legged dog. The most clever was, Yard - since it only has three feet.

We can't imagine what life was like before we got him. He has fit into our home and life like it was fate.

Puppy Angels and Second Chance Rescue are wonderful organizations. Without them we would never had our little Pepito.

Pepito can run and jump with the best of them at the beach. My husband wants to get him involved with the dock jumping competition because of how well he jumps, but who knows.

I could go on and on about our little angel. My husband and I joke around when Pepito is snuggling with the other one who Pepito loved the most. But then we burst out laughing because he loves Merle the most. That picture of the two of them snuggling was only the second day we had him. They bonded immediately.

Your site is wonderful and provides a good service to know we aren't the only ones to face, I want to use the word problem, but as you know it's not really a problem for the dogs. I guess it's nice to know we aren't the only ones.

Kristy-lynn, Eric, Merle and Pepito


Hello Cassie, This is my dog, Vera. I adopted her from the local animal control, and like many others I have no idea how she lost her leg. I went to animal control Wednesday afternoon and I saw all the dogs in the kennel... my heart just sank. If I could take them all with me I would, but I can only support one since I already have another dog. I picked her since I figured nobody would desire to adopt an adult and a disabled dog. Most people who adopt a dog from the pound desire a puppy. So the next day around 9:15 AM, I adopted her right before they would have put her down, since the "SCHEDULE" is every Thursday at 10 AM. Right after that I dropped her off at the groomer's, then a visit to the vet that evening. She didn't look too good and my bf was so pessimistic and told me not to spend money on her because she looked like she would die. But after the visit from the doctor, I found out that she has cuts on her forearm and scabs on her right ear, a fever and she is on her cycle. She was on meds for a week and after that...she is all better. She loves receiving attention and giving lots and lots of kisses, which irritates me sometimes. But that's Vera's story, in a nutshell.

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