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Hi, I would like to join Cassie's Club! You can see my lovely dog Leela by clicking HERE. She has been handicapped for 6 years now, following a car accident. She runs and digs holes like a normal dog and has a great life. It's sometimes hard for me getting stared at and having to explain her story. I would like to connect with others in the same situation. I live in Denmark at the moment.

Take Care,


Pesto was just recently diagnosed with bone cancer and there was a large tumor in his back right leg. We saw 2 vets, including a specialist, and they evaluated him to see how he would react with 3 legs. He limps on his sore leg anyway and hardly ever uses it. He seems to be fine, only he is very, very tall. A 165 pound Great Dane with extremely strong front legs.

Unfortunately, I live in Hawaii now and Pesto lives in LA with my mother - his loving caretaker Grandma. I have no kids, so she inherited a Great Dane.

Spoiled rotten, this boy is!!! He has my mom wrapped well around his paw. I speak to him all the time on the phone; his ears perk up and he starts looking around the room for me...

I spend all of my money on plane tickets to go home.

I'm home at last with my boy and I can't believe my eyes!! I don't think I will be able to leave now. He is so attached to me. Forget the job and house and furniture in Hawaii...I want to stay here with him!

My mom cannot stop expressing her gratitude for you and your "tripod dog club" She had so much negative feedback about having the surgery; she was so scared, and everyone was so doubtful that she almost couldn't go through with it. She was so relieved once she finally saw the other photos of Great Danes with a leg was comforting to know that his same breed could manage.

He still plays tug-of-war, and in fact, he pulled so hard that he unexpectedly knocked over our neighbor -- a large man!! The guy fell back so hard he did a backwards summersault!!! Incredible what strength Pesto has, only 16 days after the surgery!!!

Thank you thank you thank you for all of your constant support and advice. I don't know how we could have ever made it though this without you!

My mom has had a lot of discouraging information from other sources and she wanted me to tell you THANK YOU so much - because if it weren't for your support and advice, we would have not made it through all of this...

Everyone says that he is walking and getting around just fine on his three legs. He got stuck near the pond at our house...he drinks out of it like a giraffe and hopped onto the little island, then cried 'cause he couldn't get off of it. When my mom came over to help him, he hopped back off. He just likes the attention.

He moves the little stump where the leg use to be and it quivers around. He is so funny!

Pesto seems to be doing fine with the chemo and acupuncture and yucky-tasting Chinese herbs (we made sure none of these herbs counteract with the chemo). He was sleepy the day after all of these procedures, but is fine now. Despite the extreme heat here in LA, he's playful, romping around, barking and continuing his same routine.

His grandma is out of town and the two of us are having some nice bonding time... I spoil him with plush toys and healthy treats, but he hates taking his vitamins. I am trying to find a way to give him these dropperfuls of herb mixtures... and Noni juice which is supposed to be good for his immune system. He hates it...and I try to trick him and put it in pasta with low sodium tomato sauce, but he knows...

Pesto is 7 1/2 yrs old. He will be 8 in October. He is in exceptionally good physical health other than this little ol' cancer. But the herbs are doing wonders! He is taking 2 oz. of Noni juice a day, essential fatty oil vitamins, Chinese herbs, glucosamine/chondritin, he drinks only Brita filtered water, takes Metacam for a bit of arthritis and he has incredible energy! He is doing so, so well, it is unbelievable!

He is a Blue Merle! I saw him and fell in love..

He was thrown out to die by the breeders in the middle of an ice storm in Seattle. He went walking from door to door; skinny, starving, diagnosed to be put to sleep at 4 months old...and finally this one woman helped him, but couldn't afford him. Her sister-in-law was Josie Bissett, the actress from "Melrose Place" - she and her gorgeous actor-husband Rob Estes from "Silk Stockings" took Pesto (he was named "Sam," at the time...), flew him down to Malibu and he would run away every day - galloping on the beach. That's when I found him. He came running over to me. People were scared of him and wanted to call the pound; I refused. I took him home, called the name on his collar and Josie came over in her big beautiful SUV, scooped him up and called me a week later, saying "We can't handle this dog, do you want him?!?" It was meant to be.

Basically, Rob and Josie were too busy to take care of a puppy - but they were so sweet to take him from Seattle. They gave him to me with all of his toys, and special custom made food, and they were really, really sweet, but they were actors; too busy. I had just returned from living in Italy, was broken-hearted and then came Pesto! I drove him home in my convertible Kharmann Ghia and gave him a family that adores him and treats him like a king.

I forgot to mention that the breeders threw him out because he was the wrong coloring!!! His parents were champions, AKC paper all that, then here comes this beautiful Blue Mural and they just freaked out!

Thank you so much. I have taken all of your advice and knowledge to heart and I am so grateful that your website exists... I was desperate and I found you... Thank God.

Brooke Manije-Bagah

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