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Hello! I'm very happy that I found your website. I was trying to get an idea of what our dog, Auburn, would look like after she got her front leg amputated and what to expect...and, was I making the right decision. I'm was happy to see that there are other dogs out there like her, it's given me some comfort.

Auburn is a 10-year golden retriever (will turn 10 in Dec. 2004). She was just diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. It was located in her left front shoulder. She had been limping for quite a while and we decided to take her in to get X-Rays. Well, that was back in June 2004 and we kind of went round and round with the specialist to come to the conclusion that she did have cancer. She had an MRI done and a biopsy to confirm she has osteosarcoma. We decided to do amputation and chemotherapy. She had amputation surgery last Wednesday, Sept. 8th. She's doing real well except that her other front paw and leg have been swollen. She got her stitches out today. The doctor says she looks great and decided it was okay to take them out (they were going to take them out next Tuesday). Right now, she's trying to get a lot of rest. Like any other golden, she can't sit still. Even though she's almost 10, she still acts like a puppy. I can't wait for her to be able to run outside and catch her ball again....and without pain. I'm hoping we'll be able to take her swimming too. I'm thinking about getting her a lifejacket. I really want her to enjoy life to the fullest and don't want her to die without doing the things she loves to do. Anyway, she gets her first chemo treatment next week, hopefully Tuesday. I hope that goes well.

We are just really hoping for the best. We can't imagine life without her. She is truly our child and love to have her with us wherever we go. She loves the ocean and we always pick a place that is dog friendly so that she can go with us. We love her very, very much!

Here are a couple pictures of her. One is with her bandages on and the other without. We will send you another picture when her hair starts to grow back.

Thank you for such a wonderful website! I hope that one day Auburn will help someone through their tough time with cancer.

Heather & Jim Mazotas
Grove City, Ohio


Wednesday 26 January, 2005
Hi There! I wanted to update you on Auburn's situation. After her amputation in September 2004, she went through 5 chemo treatments of Adria. She did GREAT! She only vomited a couple times over the course of the 5 treatments. She finally finished right before X-mas. Well, the doctor told us that she could continue doing some chemo treatments, but it would have to be with carboplatin. Since carboplatin now has a generic drug and isn't so expensive, we decided to try it. The carboplatin would just be "extra" or "bonus" chemo outside of her already (5) treatments of Adria. We thought, "Why not?" Well...she had (1) treatment about a week ago (January 14th) and it was awful. She vomited every day and you could tell she didn't feel well. We told the doctor that we were done with carboplatin and chemo. She's gone through the regular process, which was great, and it's time to just let her live her life. We don't want her sick from chemo. Now, she's doing better.

Thank goodness!
Also, just to let you know. We did get her a lifejacket and she swims GREAT, like normal. That was the one thing I wanted to do once she got her leg amputated. I wanted her to swim again, and she did!!

Here's a couple pictures to update what she looks like. She doesn't have ALL of her hair back from the surgery, but almost.

Thank you!

Heather & Jim Mazotas

In Memoriam:

Hi Cynthia,

I'm finally ready to give you an update on Auburn. I've been meaning to send this to you, but just haven't had the courage to do so. Would you please update your website with this information? I hope that you and Cassie are still doing well.

It is with great sadness that we write you this update. Our beautiful dog, Auburn, passed away on Sunday, June 5th, 2005. We were on vacation in Nags Head, NC and received the worst phone call that we could possibly receive from our house/pet sitter, Nikkie. Nikkie has been pet sitting Auburn for years and is actually an employee at our local vet - Healthy Pets of Ohio, Bren Lor Animal Hospital. She unfortunately went through the whole devastating situation. Our local vet, Dr. Long, came over that night to help Nikkie. Nikkie said that Auburn actually stood up, wagged her tail and then collapsed and died. (Many of you do not know that Auburn has not been able to walk at all for the past few of weeks. She ended up having a turmor on her spine (doctor's had diagnosed it as another form of cancer, Malignant Histiocytosis) and it was affecting her back legs. She had went through this 2 months earlier and had actually gotten back up and was getting around. It was just a few weeks ago, that she digressed again.). Dr. Long thinks that she had some sort of rupture and that's what caused her death...and quick.

We are obviously devastated. When we returned back from vacation, we had to come home to an empty house. We have been anticipating this for such a long time and are so sadden that it has finally happened. We are so grateful to God for being so merciful on her and on us. We did not want to make the decision to put her down, so this was the greatest relief that we could ever ask for....though the worst tragedy that we have ever felt.

Thank you to all who always had good thoughts for Auburn. That is what kept her alive for longer than we ever anticipated. She lived another year and should have only lived a few months after the cancer was diagnosed. She went through a lot and we are so grateful that she is finally somewhere where she can play again.

Thank you to Cassie's Three Legged Club for posting Auburn's story. We hope that you continue to keep this website going so that others can hopefully benefit from reading everyone's stories. I look forward to checking in on the website periodically... to read about others and to see our baby once again. Thank you Cynthia and Cassie! God Bless You for caring so much about our wonderful pets. They will NEVER leave our hearts. We leave you with a picture of Auburn when she was well. This is my husband's favorite picture and I know he would like to see it whenever he can. We love you Auburn and miss you terribly!!!!!!

Take Care,

Heather & Jim Mazotas
Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Cody lost his leg when someone shot him. We don't know who or why. The Story Animal Control Officer responded to a wounded animal call by McCallsburg, Iowa. When Cody was taken to the Vet for exam, he licked the Vet's hand. The Vet had to amputate the leg.

I first saw Cody at the Story Animal Control Shelter, still wrapped up and with an Elizabethan collar so he would not remove the stitches. The first time I did not even look at him except in passing. The second time visiting the Shelter, I still had no interest in him. The third time was a charm.

He was just lying there and I called him over to the door, he got right up and came over. I took him out for a walk in the yard. He was a very well-mannered dog, and seem to be just fine on three-legs. I went home to "think" about this, and on the ride home decided his name and went and bought a kennel for him. I went back and let them know I would take him home. I also told him that his name was now Cody.

The people at the shelter had been calling him honey and sweetheart and the "Klingon." The first two because of his disposition and the last because of how he looked at the time. I visited him several times, until he could come home with me. I had to wait for him to be neutered and the stitches out of his side.

I am glad I took another look at Cody. I had been searching for about a month for a dog and just could not connect to any that I saw. Once I took a good look at him and found out what a wonderful dog he was, I knew that we were meant to be. I am sure he was very sad when he was passed by twice before; he just thrives on attention.

He is a wonderful dog. Never has had an accident in the house and is very loving and gentle. I just cannot help but feeling that someone lost a really great dog. I am glad I found him and have given him a home. We are going to beginner obedience classes (for me; he already knows how). I hope he will be in my life for a long time.

Sara and Hooker told me about this club and they are in the same neighborhood in Ames, Iowa.

Could you let me know what kind of dog you think he is when you see his picture? The shelter and Vet were calling him a Min Pin, but he weighs 21 pounds and the vet thinks he is probably 1 1/2 years old. I think he is very handsome, whatever he is.

I brought Cody home August 27, 2004, and he was picked up by animal control around the 1st of August. Yes, he has made a remarkable recovery and is a very loving animal. He is afraid of noises like gun shots now (I completely understand).

Thank you so much for the club. I have really learned from reading about other experiences, and know a three-legged dog can be a great joy.

Thank you,

Joyce Glenn

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