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Hi there! My name is Lynda and my husband Mike and I are also owned by a tripod. He is a 5 yr. old Great Pyrenees named Cruiser (aka, Cruz, the Wonder-Pyr), and he lost his right front leg and shoulder in July 2001 (over 3 yrs. ago) to osteosarcoma (bone cancer). I see that there are a few other pups in Cassie's Club that are osteosarcoma survivors, and we are glad to be able to join also. This type of cancer is usually fatal in dogs, even with amputation and chemotherapy.......but, it is worth it to take the horrible pain away. Cruz also had 5 chemotherapy treatments, which he breezed through, and he continues to thrive to this day. He has no difficulty getting around, although we no longer go for walks. It isn't that easy to carry 120 lbs. on walks, but, believe me, running is another story! THAT he can do! Actually, running is much easier for tripods than walking, as strange as that may sound. Anyway, I am glad to find this Club, and gladder still that our wonderful boy is still with us to join it! We have been owned by the Great Pyrenees breed (they own you, not vice versa) for 30 years, and Cruz is truly the Clown of the Pyrenees. He makes us laugh every day! I am attaching a couple of pictures. Thanks again for providing this club.

Lynda Marshall and Cruz (the Wonder-Pyr)
Wellandport, ON Canada
October 27, 2004


In April of 2001, we received devastating news that our then 6-1/2 year old black German shepherd mix, Bandit, had bone cancer. We had raised her from just a baby, when we found her in a dumpster. We were faced with the heart-wrenching decision to have her right front leg amputated in an attempt to save her life. She surprised us by bouncing back quickly and completely. She sailed through chemotherapy with no problems. Our decision was made even more difficult because Bandit is a big swimmer. She loves to swim. It broke our hearts when the experts told us that after the amputation, she would not be able to swim at all; for a three-legged dog can't swim. I know that, and you know that, but Bandit refuses to know that. If you are ever out here on a sunny day, you would see with your own eyes that Bandit proves the experts wrong week after week by continuing her swimming more than three and a half years after her bone cancer diagnosis and amputation. Well, they also told us she probably wouldn't live more than four to six weeks after her bone cancer diagnosis, either. Go figure. I think they wanted to prepare us for the worst rather than pump sunshine and then have us be disappointed if things went poorly. Bandit actually does better in the water than she does on land. She'll be eleven next year, though, and she is having more trouble getting in and out of the lake than she used to. She also has ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) repairs in both rear legs, and has had the left rear radiated for mast cell cancer. So all in all I think she's doing terrific.Most folks with big dogs have encountered an ACL problem at some point, it seems. It is basically a busted-up knee. Humans get it, too, like a "football injury". Bandit had her left one replaced before her amp surgery and had her right one repaired just this February. Bandit takes Glycoflex-III supplement by Vetri Science for her joints. So far it has kept her from having to take any prescription type things for her arthritis/joints (knock on wood!) The university suggested Adequan injections for her following her last ACL surgery, but so far she seems fine without them. Luckily, we don't have any stairs here.

Liz Beyer
Rockledge, FL

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