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I am writing about our girl Ziggy (Stardust). While at a foster home, Ziggy put her paw through a fence to say hello to a neighbor dog, but the neighbor dog wasn't too friendly and he decided to make a meal of her leg. The doctors couldn't save Ziggy's leg, so now she is a sweet 3-legger. She came to us from the rescue along with her big buddy (who stayed with her and nursed her back to health), Major (Tom). They were joined at our home not long after by their new friend, China (Girl) who, as a four month old puppy, was set on fire and thrown out of a moving truck on the freeway. After being hit by a car, she was rescued and required 3 operations to save her 3 broken legs. While she still has all 4 legs, she does have a brand new hip and a limp that will be with her forever. All 3 dogs are buddies, playing and play fighting and have made them selves at home with their 4 humans. They love their family and give us hours of entertainment and love! All these dogs are inspirations.

Lesly Michals
Thursday January 13, 2005


Dear Cassie,

My name is Charm, short for "Third Time is a Charm." This is my name because I have three legs, and I am my parent's third standard poodle. I am only 5 months old. My parents are two champion standard poodles. No one wanted me because I was born with 3 legs. But when my human mommy and daddy heard about me, they came and met me, and immediately fell in love with me. At first my mommy was very scared to bring me home, but after she talked to Cynthia and saw this website, she knew that this was what God wanted her to do. My mommy thinks I am an angel sent here to touch many people's lives. My breeder took very, very good care of me until I could go home with my new parents and meet my new standard poodle brother and sister, Tucker and Sweetie (they both have four legs). I love Tucker and Sweetie, and they have learned to love me too. My mommy would get so scared when I ran around, or started climbing the stairs, or jumped on the bed! She kept thinking that I would break my leg, but I am sooo strong, so that never happens. She still gets scared, but my daddy tells her to just "chill out and quit her worrying!" I was born with a little humerus under my skin. Last month I started growing a cyst on top of the humerus, and I started biting at it, so my parents had to make a tough decision. Cynthia and my doctor both said that we should take my little "chicken wing" off and my shoulder just in case it starts bothering my in the future. So I had my shoulder and "chicken wing" removed just two weeks ago, and now I am running around so well that it looks as if all dogs ought to have three legs! By the way, I am in obedience class so that I can be a therapy dog when I am a year old. I want to go see kids in the hospitals who have amputations or are cancer or burn victims. I want to show them that you can still be beautiful, like me, even if you look different.

Keely and Mike Ehrhardt
Tuesday January 18, 2005

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