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Dear Cassie,

Hi, My name is Chester, I'm a happy beagle who still enjoys chasing both squirrels as well as my best bud, Misty. Misty is bigger than me, but I can still out-corner her, even without my front leg. I still like to run, I just can't go as long as I used to. My owners worry about me when I play too hard, but I am fine. I've got the best humans you can ask for; I knew I couldn't let them down when I became ill with bone cancer. I may be 12, but I wasn't about to give up. It was scary at first, but my vet was excellent and did a great job. It took a couple of weeks to heal enough and learn a few new ways to do things and now I enjoy a good walk just as much as ever.

Well I've got to go; I think there is a squirrel trying to invade my yard.

Carrie Ginther
Friday January 28, 2005



My name is Melissa Donaldson and my husband's name is Bruce. Today I took our 10-month-old German Shepherd to the vet to have his hind leg removed. His name is Rampson. If you know anything about country eating, you'll know what a ramp is. Our town is the Ramp Capital. Richwood, West Virginia. We have four dogs. Rampson's sister, Eva, then there is Ruby and then there's Mossy, she's the boss. We live on the border of the Monogahela National Forest; lots of room for the dogs to run. Well, also in the forest are hunters. Someone shot Rampson. We were lucky to find him. It took 3 days. The vet said he was a strong fellow. I'm so sad. I just burst out into tears thinking of my big boy. I blame myself for letting them run. But I can't keep them tied up all the time. They have a pen, but Rampson won't use the bathroom in the pen, so I let him and his sister out. I could go on and on about them. They are my kids. We have no children; four dogs and two cats. I'm glad I found you. I will let you all know how he is doing. His surgery isn't till Monday; they have to wait till the infection goes down. Please pray for him and for Bruce and I. My heart hurts so much.

Thank you,
Saturday January 29, 2005

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