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Sidney is a 7-year-old purebred Lab. He had his left rear leg and left lung removed because of cancer in Sept./Oct. of 2004. Sidney still does everything he always did. He is still trying to conquer going up the basement steps without help. Going down, he has no problem!!!

Russell Scott

Friday March 4, 2005


Faith Stringfellow is an incredible little dog, with an even more inspirational story.

See a VIDEO of Faith!

Faith suffered from a birth defect; she became a member of our family when she was just a three-week-old puppy.

Click HERE to see Faith's Website.
My son Reuben (17) picked Faith out of a litter of puppies that his friend's dog had recently given birth to.
Several of the puppies were deformed; a few had already died.
The mother dog was actually trying to terminate Faith's life when Reuben lifted her weak body out from under the mother dog.
He brought her home to me, knowing I had a heart like a marshmallow.
Even though Faith has this defect we taught her to stand, hop, and eventually walk on her two back legs, like a human. She's been a great dog and we forget she's handicapped. You'll turn around and she's chasing the geese at the park, running, jumping, skipping, and acting like any other dog...well, any other dog with a nose reach of 40" from the ground!
(Watch your plate, she'll clean it for you, before you're ready to share.)
Faith is currently two years old; her birthday is December 22, 2002, and she stands 37" tall when she's walking.
She can walk for over a mile, if you have a turkey sandwich in your hand! She has walked great distances but usually just a block or two before she decides that you can carry her; she's rather spoiled.

Jude Stringfellow

For more information on Faith's incredible story, Click HERE

Sunday March 6, 2005


Click HERE to see Faith's guest appearance on Episode #05086 of "The Montel Williams Show" titled: "Pets save the lives of their owners" that aired Monday February 20, 2006. She was guest #6 of 7 guests invited for this episode.

Faith's mommy Jude Stringfellow holds a Ph.D. in Administration of Education and is currently teaching English online.
She shares her Oklahoma City home with her daughters Laura and Caity while her son Reuben attends college in the area visiting as often as he can.

Future projects from the author include a companion book to "With a Little Faith, novels, a collection of poetry, and several children's books relating tales involving several animals of the Stringfellow household.


Click HERE to see Faith's guest appearance on Oprah Winfrey that aired Thursday 10 August, 2006.


Click HERE to see Faith's Friday January 18th, 2008 premiere on former CNN anchor Daryn Kagan's website!

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