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Hi! I'm Milu and I live in Italy. When I was very young I was tortured by some very bad men and therefore I've one missing leg. But then Gabriella and Raffaele found me and adopted me thanks to an Italian Association of animal's friend. Now I live with my sister-dog Nerina, I run in the fields and I look for cats with whom to play. Good luck to all the other unlucky dogs; may they find a family like mine!

Raffaele Mantegazza
Tuesday February 1, 2005


I bought Jinx my border collie from a man in 03/04. He has always been a very lovable and active dog, and always accident-prone. He got his name after he contracted Parvo at 10 weeks old. He had had all of his shots twice, but that did not keep him from catching the disease. He spent a week at the vet's, and actually died, after trying with no success, they passed him in a bag and carried him into the death room. Upon laying him down, the bag moved, he's been going ever since. Parvo took a very hard toll on him, he was 17lbs when he went in, and was 9 lbs when he came out. He had lost all muscle tone, and could not walk. Within 3 weeks he was a normal dog again for the exception of his weight, which took nearly 5 months to correct. Back on the right road, Jinx kept getting into trouble, especially with squirrels, he could not leave them alone, even though they always tore him up, and as for the horses lets just say he keeps them in tip-top shape. 02/03/2005 Jinx aggravated the horses just a little too much, misjudging the horse's turn, he found himself stepped on, and then kicked. Jinx's left leg, was too badly damaged to save. I love my dog, he is my kid, but I was afraid that he would never adjust to 3 legs and his livelihood of chasing, playing, and just running, I thought was lost forever. I was prepared to have him put to sleep. I asked to see him in the cage in the back of the vet. I looked at him and said Jinx I love you baby, but I don't know what to do. Jinx stood up, looked at me and he smiled at me -- he really, really smiled; I have never in my life seen a dog smile, then he went around and did 2 circles with his 3 legs, and it was like he was saying "Mom, I want to live, I can do this, don't be sad." I had his leg removed. I am sending a picture of him today, he just had surgery yesterday, and he is doing so well. I want everyone to know, not even 24 hours have gone by, and Jinx ran down the steps out of the house, around the yard and did not want to be caught, I actually could not check him. I know now Jinx is going to be great. No; better than great. To anyone who has to make this decision, don't give it a thought that their life is going to altered, because not only are they able-bodied afterwards, but they get attention from everyone, and I honestly believe they feel more loved, and their quality of life is awesome.

Pamela Massingale
Friday February 4, 2005

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