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Hello from Grand Cayman!

We adopted a dog (approximately 1 year old) from the Grand Cayman Humane Society, her name is Pretzel. Pretzel was dropped off at the humane society after being hit by a vehicle (we suspect that she was hit by a large truck as she quivers every time one passes). We have had Pretzel for about a year now. About 1 month after adopting Pretzel we found a boxer puppy (rare find in Grand Cayman) they quickly became BEST friends! In September last year our island was hit by a devastating category 5 hurricane (Ivan). We were unable to take our dogs to the shelter so we took them to the safest most "land locked" area on the island we could think of which was my husband's office in the middle of the island. We left them in the conference room which had no windows, gave them food and water for several days and left a battery powered lantern on the boardroom table for light. The storm ravished the island! Wind speeds were clocked at over 200 mph and sustained at 180 mph. We were unable to reach our dogs for 2 EXTREMELY stressful days when we did the building was destroyed every window was blown in! Our hearts sank! We rushed to the conference room and kicked the door in. Our three legged dog hopped out first without a scratch, followed by our puppy!!! Both were fine!!! Upon closer examination in the conference room we realized that the water level during the storm reached approximately 4.5 feet. The two dogs must have scrambled onto the conference room table. Pretzel must have stood with the puppy standing on his back legs,leaning on her for support! We do not know how long they stayed in the dark like this as the lantern was knocked off the table. We evacuated the island 6 days later and flew to Miami where I stayed with the dogs for 6 months in a hotel room until we could return to Grand Cayman. We are all back home now rebuilding our home and business. Pretzel is continuing to surprise us every day! She is a real trouper. Recently we entered her in the local dog show where she won 4th place for best neutered, and 3 FIRST place finishes (for best "first time entry," best "Cayman dog" and best "mixed breed"). She did OK on the obstacle course, but she was out of practice. This weekend we taught Pretzel how to swim. Because she is missing her front right leg she uses her tail to assist. Her head still dips into the water on the right so I am in the process of finding her a life jacket to help her float.

Kerri Kanuga
Monday May 23, 2005


Hi Cassie! This is my Cammy! She had to have her leg amputated at 6 months old because she was hit by a car and it shattered pretty much every bone in her leg, not to mention destroyed all of the tendons. She was barely six months old when we had to amputate and she is currently recovering at astounding speed. I was very worried that it would change the great spirit that she had before the accident, but along with becoming a little lovey-dovier she has gained all of her personality back, PLUS SOME. She is an inspiration to me because she has overcome this huge hurdle even though she is still a puppy and it hasn't changed a bit of her. I think it has been harder on my family and I than it has her. Before the accident, I thought I loved her as much as possible, but now that we have been through this, I LOVE HER EVEN MORE. She is still recovering and learning how to get around but I can already see when she runs that she is going to be just as graceful if not more than ANY four legger! Thanks for creating this great site!!!!

~Jenny Schrodel~
Tuesday June 14, 2005


Hi Cynthia! I just thought I would give you an update on Cammy... She is doing tremendously well! You would never know that she has been through as much as she has. She runs and swims and even beats up on our FOUR LEGGED golden retriever, Lucy. It shocks me every day how well she is doing! She loves to go to the lake and swim and run and play. I have enclosed a couple of new pictures of her.... Thanks again for creating such a great and supportive website for loving dog owners who are struck by sad circumstances.

~Jenny Schrodel
Thursday August 18, 2005

To answer your questions... Cammy is about 9 months old. She actually doesnt need a life preserver at all. She swims faster than our other Labs and Golden Retriever. She is just a VERY determined little girl. We are so greatful that we have her!

Friday August 19, 2005

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