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This is my little girl Moppet. She was thrown off a 4 story building in New York City and was taken away from her owners after a month of suffering multiple pelvic and leg breaks. Her front left leg was so beyond repair by the time that the Humane Law Enforcement of the ASPCA got to her that she had to have her front leg amputated. She is Miss April in the 2005 ASPCA calendar, she is also my little girl. No words can describe what strength she gives me by her just being her feisty little self. 3 legged dogs are an inspiration to us weak humans!!!

Susan O'Prey
Saturday July 16, 2005

Elizabeth Taylor

Hi, I am so excited to have found your site. I am the proud new parent of a three-legged dog named Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth was abandoned by her owners after her amputation and had been living at the vet's office for 3 months before we got her. I was very apprehensive about taking in a dog with a handicap, but after spending only 30 minutes with her, I fell in love. She is a fantastic dog and friend. I'm very glad I found your site.

Lindsey C.
Wednesday July 27, 2005

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