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I adopted Boomer from the Dania Beach Humane Society in 1997. He was just six months old and had been living in the shelter for two months. He is an Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) and is missing his left back leg. At the time of the adoption, the personnel at the shelter could not tell me what had happened to his leg. I could see the scar from the amputation, but no one onsite seemed to know what had happened. I was simply told that h was brought in that way. I found it odd that after all the background checks and scrutiny I endured that they never inquired about the missing leg when he was dropped off.

The ACD is a highly energetic dog raised to herding cattle in Australia. With the back leg missing Boomer could still outrun most other dogs. He did have trouble jumping. He drove me a little crazy sometimes when he played the handicap dog and whined when he wanted help onto the bed or the sofa. When no one was in the room he never had trouble getting onto any of the furniture.

I lived in an apartment in Hollywood, FL at the time and used to drop him off at my Mother's house when I was at work so he wouldn't be alone. At first my Mother could not stand Boomer. He is a very intelligent animal as are all ACDs. He tended to disrupt life around her house as he tried to find his place. I used to tease my Mom and call her Boomer's Grandma. She would fire back at me "I am not that dog's Grandmother!" But after a few weeks she was introducing him to people as her Gran' Dog.

My Mother became sick almost a year later and I had to move back in with her to help. Boomer became very protective of her. Without any real training he started becoming an assistant to my mother. My Mom lost a lot of her eyesight and had trouble moving around. With Boomer she never felt unsafe and used to take walks in the neighborhood with him. No one he didn't know could get within 25 feet of them. She got easily lost and by herself she would not be able to find her way home even if she was less than a block away. She would just tell Boomer to take her home and he would lead her back to the house.

When I moved to Cocoa Beach for work, Boomer opted to stay in South Florida and continue taking care of my Mom. After a couple of years I returned when my Mother was divorced. Her health continued to decline and she decided that she wanted to return to Alabama to be closer to her sisters. I moved my Mother to Alabama a little less than two years ago and Boomer went with her. It was hard letting him stay there but my Mom had grown to really depend on him. After a few months we had to place her in a living assisted facility. Boomer could not go with her. My Aunt Linda took Boomer to her farm near Huntsville, AL. She asked if they could take care of Boomer up there so he and my Mom could still see each other. My Aunt would bring my Mom to the farm every week and Boomer would not leave her side for a moment. Sometimes Boomer was taken to visit her in the Assisted Living Facility. My Aunt tells me that my Mom would ask about Boomer before asking about me. That's OK. I knew my place. He adapted to the farm life like he was born there. Chasing deer out of the garden and warning the family if any coyotes got too close.

My Mother passed away on August 19, 2005. After her funeral I intended to bring Boomer back with me, however, he is very happy in Alabama and the people he now lives with have grown to love him. If I brought him back here he would have to spend too much time alone cooped up in my house. I missed him terribly but I know he is well taken care of and loved.

Jamie Adams
Lake Worth, Florida
Tuesday August 30, 2005


This is my dog Lizzie. I found her through Ratbone Rescues in Tampa Florida. We got her last August and they guessed she was about 5 years old. We do not know how she lost her left rear leg, but the way she runs around (without looking) I have a feeling she was hit by a car. When I decided to get a dog I knew that I would get a "Rescue". I wanted to give a dog a second chance. When I heard that they had a 3-legged Rat Terrier, I knew that I had to have her. I didn't even see her picture, but I knew she was the dog for me. When we got to the Foster home she was running around with a pack of Rat Terriers, I couldn't even tell that her leg was missing.

She was turned in because she had heartworms and she needed some major dental work done, the owners did not want to put the money in to her.

She was VERY EXPENSIVE to fix up, but I would do it again even if it cost triple. I love her that much.

She is beautiful.

Margaret Davis - Orlando, FL
Thursday September 8, 2005

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