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I picked Tiki out of a litter of eight. Good choice. Loving and seriously breathtakingly handsome, he was Blanch's (HIS MOM) first choice, too. Blanch nurtured Tiki in a way that said, "that's my boy - treat him well. The prime of the pack". This was my first dog - a German Short haired Pointer - and I cried the whole way home in the back seat of our car as my husband watched me in the rear view mirror, holding him like a newborn in a blanket. I was so lost with this six-week pup, as he was with me. I cried because I was so happy to have him. He cried the whole way home for his mom.

Six months later, we came home from a long trip again in the car with Tiki. I cried the whole way home. Only this time it was because his front right leg had been amputated and he was my little baby, and nothing seemed right. His scar was a mile long, and I felt like this had happened to my child. This was my beautiful TIKI, that everyone stopped in our tracks. Now they stop to ask, "WHAT HAPPENED?"

To this day, I see puppy at eight months frolicking with joy and ask myself, "WHAT HAPPENED?" He was hit by a car and he had nerve damage beyond repair. Yes, my Tiki.

Tiki has the spirit of a silly little fresh boy, and he tries to get away with murder. His big round black eyes show the emotion of humanity and compassion for what WE, yes, WE, have been through.

Somehow he knows our sorrow, but his resilience is the biggest lesson of my life, and for both my husband and ten year old daughter. I hope to share our laughter and compassion for all those dog owners who have been through similar and traumatizing experiences.

Lizzy & Halvard Kvaale

Tuesday September 20, 2005


Tiki was hit by a car at six months - July 13th, so it has been a little over 2 months and it has just been a ride ever since. Today we got a letter from the breeder offering us a two year old GSP from their last litter, because they feel our love and well, it has just been a ride. Today I was walking Tiki with my daughter and tired of the question "what happened?"

I replied, "oh, he was born with two legs and grew the third just recently and now the fourth is coming out" - and the woman believed me!

My ten-year-old daughter, Emma was cracking up so hard. We practically pee'd in our pants.

Cynthia - it's nice to have a friend who cares. Thanks for writing.

Lizzy & Halvard Kvaale
Wednesday September 21, 2005


Hi, this is Gracie. My husband and I took her in two years ago when my daughter could no longer give her the time and attention she needed. She was 5 yrs. old. Just this August she was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on her right hind leg. After a lot of crying, sleepless nights and talking, we decided amputation was the best option. On Aug. 12, 2005 she had it amputated. She is 7 yrs. old. Today she is doing great!

Daddy built her a ramp to get in and out to her back yard. She loves to nap in the yard. She is chasing squirrels and barking at the birds again. We are so lucky to be blessed with her. We love her dearly.

Betty John
Upstate New York
Tuesday September 27, 2005

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