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My name is Brenda Pearce and I have a puppy. His name is Marshall and he is almost 6 weeks old, he was born August 15, 2005. He is a Maltese and he is white. He is missing his back right leg. He was not born like this, he just lost his leg 2-5 weeks ago. See, my aunt Billie's boyfriend Daryl owns his own kennel, he breeds dogs, but he only breeds small breeds. Well, when my Marshall was a baby, asleep in his cage next to a Jack Russell, his leg was hanging through the cage into the Jack Russell's food bowl.

Well, the Jack Russell ate his leg off, and my aunt's boyfriend had to cut the bone and now he is a 3 legged pup. It does not seem to bother him one bit because he gets around just fine. He is a special puppy to me because 2 days ago he was chasing me around the house and that shows that with only 3 legs my baby has a lot of determination, and how can you resist him? He is as cute as can be.

Tuesday September 27, 2005


Hello.... I think it is great you have this club. Just got a foster dog from animal shelter, they were going to put him down. He was missing his left arm from birth. Only has a small stump. His right shoulder is deformed as well. The shelter named him Cosmo. As luck would have it, they found the owner who abandoned him and also found another dog that wasn't being cared for. He is a lovely dog, and we are hoping to find him a loving home. He is part sheltie but has a collie nose. Anyone who is interested, Here is a link to the sheltie rescue....

Attached is his pic, as well.

Blessings to people who care for animals like these; you are a gift!!

Friday September 30, 2005

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