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Hi, my name is Milo and my person's name is Shawna. She rescued me from a not-so-very nice man (in eastern Oregon), who had me for seven years and wasn't nice at all to me. I ended up losing one of my back legs, so I'm officially the first tri-pod that Shawna has ever had! :-)

Milo's my name and playing with Shawna is my game. I love her so much, she was so nice to me when I first went to her house. My other person's name is Martina and she's the one who took me the first time from the mean guy; Shawna called Martina and wanted to give me my forever home, so it's been like that for about two months now.

It's really cool here; I get to play with ALOT of other dogs, one is Rusty, then there's Duncan, Sassy, Jersey, Zoe, and Sunny and Betty (two other rescues: Sunny is a tri-pod, too, and Betty was hit by a car and had to have her leg fixed). I can jump really high, 'specially for a 3-legged dog, and I can catch a fast-moving ball in my mouth, even with my eyes closed! (the mean guy used to hit me a lot, so I'm learning now not to be afraid of Shawna's hands when she tries to wash my face or kiss me).

I would like to be a member of Cassie's club, if that's ok. You can let Shawna know, by the way! ;-)

Milo(they call me Satellite Man, probably because of my ears...!)
Wednesday November 9, 2005



Our names are Jay and Meridith Bell and our Tri-pod dog's name is Malcolm. Malcolm will be 2 years old on Nov. 30, 2005. We adopted Malcolm from our local shelter back in April 2005 after having suddenly lost our beloved Maddie Girl. The dog's name back then was Dusty but we changed it to Malcolm. Malcolm was originally purchased from a pet store by his previous owners. In June of 2004, at the age of about 6 months, he got out and was running with another dog. Both dogs were hit by a car; the other dog died as a result of its injuires. Malcolm's owers took him to the vet where it was diaganosed that his front right leg needed to be amputated.

His owners refused treatment of him and took him home and tied him to a tree for 8 months. In February 2005, they finally surrendered him to our local shelter stating they had done "everything they could do" to help him.

They never did a darn thing to help him!!

Because our shelter does not have the funds to deal with animals that are brought in or found to be sick and injured, Malcolm was going to be euthanized. Due to kindness and hard work of certain individuals, efforts were started to raise the money to pay for Malcolm's surgery. A local vet stepped in and agreed to donate his services, only charging for the cost of the surgery.

Money was left over and a fund was started in Malcolm's previous name - its called The Dusty Fund. the Dusty Fund now helps to pay for vet services that may be needed for animals brought in sick or injured. we adopted Malcolm about a month after his surgery. Because 8 months passed from the time of the accident until he was provided with medical care, the dog lost his whole front left leg, shoulder and all the muscle and skin in the area.

The previous owners, upon hearing he had recieved medical care, returned to the shelter to "adopt" him back. Of course, they were not allowed to adopt him nor are they allowed to own any animals in our city.

We now help to raise money for the Dusty Fund by selling soap - we own our own candle and soap business and I take all my soap scraps and melt them back down to make soap for the Dusty Fund.

I call this soap "Little Treasures" because what's one man's trash is another man's treasure and our Malcolm is such a treasure to us. We just love him to pieces. Malcolm now has a happy home where he has 2 human sisters, a human brother, a dog brother, and a cat brother along with my husband and I (Mom and Dad). We hope you enjoy Malcolm's picture. He is a cutie pie.

Malcolm's Mom
Meridith Bell
Wednesday November 9, 2005

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