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Hi, my dog is currently in care at the Gander Newfoundland Canada SPCA. He had his leg amputated at 8:15 this morning at Gander Vetrinary Clinic. I haven't seen him since sat as we live 80 km away and have no transportation. I go to college in Gander every morning (private ride) by car. Buddy will be back to SPCA in Gander tomorrow morning. I have no pics yet, but me and my wife Dorothy are very worried 'cause we love him so much.. He will be staying with SPCA for awhile, just in case there are complications with his surgery. Your website has made me feel better knowing what to expect... In this case the internet can be a wonderful thing.. After I get home tomorrow and after seeing Buddy I will let you know how he is getting along...I promise to send pix at a later date..LOL Nick

Monday November 14, 2005

Hi Cynthia

This is not a good story..... but it does have a happy ending.... Dorothy and Buddy and I live in a small rural community called Dover in rural Newfoundland Approx. 80 Km. from Gander In Newfoundland Canada. On Sat. Nov. 12, 2005 at about 10:30 a.m. my world came crashing down!!!! A neighbor came running up the road saying my Buddy dog had been attacked by the "Bear" dog (Part lab and part Rottweiler). This dog is well known in our small community of 600 people. He had already attacked two other dogs in the community and they had had to be put down....

Uncle Tom told me to get the wheelbarrow and get Buddy dog so I hurriedly grabbed a blanket and ran two houses down the street. When I arrived, I noticed his front left paw was broken at the first joint or kneecap. Carrying him home I realized he needed immediate medical attention. After talking to the vet on the phone, she informed me the costs would be $1000+ for surgery.... money we didn't have. I'm going to school, Keyin college in Gander and the wife works at the local fishplant....She (vet)told me not to worry about it just get Buddy to gander....

I do not own a vehicle....So I called the SPCA....also in Gander... They could not provide a ride for him....Shortly thereafter, a friend of mine offered to carry me in for $30, all the money I had at the time, and I agreed.... Gene and I drove to Gander and at this time 4pm the manager Bonnie Harris and the director Bev Sully met us there......

I really thought I was carrying the Buddy dog in to die...It was heartwrenching! Anyone in this community that knows me will tell you if they see Nick, the Buddy dog is not far behind.....He's as close, if not closer to me, than Dorothy... I was heartbroken, but knew it was best because Buddy was in so much pain..... I carried him into the shelter ...I had never met these people before.. They put him on a stretcher and tied him down with two seatbelt straps.... One lady, the boss, I guess, asked one, maybe two questions....the other lady disappeared ..... My mind started racing, then...I thought she was going for THE needle to.....

So I leaned over Buddy and whispered in his ear that he could chase squirrels all night, it was the best, he would be out of pain... The Boss, Bev Sully, came out and asked me nicely if I could help put the stretcher aboard the Bronco...She kept saying "no money... no money...." I put Buddy aboard and Bonnie Harris the manager got in back seat with Buddy... Buddy squirmed out of the stretcher and its confining belts and laid across her lap, broken leg dangling....I was worried he might try to get out the back door where I was too, so I told him to be nice to the kind ladies... they were going to help him with his pain.

He looked at me and laid back across Bonnie's lap...they left..... I was left standing up against Gene's truck quietly crying... The nice ladies backed up, down came the window, and Bev asked me how I felt about amputation..... "Fine," I said.....Knowing neither the organization nor I, had any or much money. Off they went....I went home silently....Thinking about Buddy being in a better place.....

Upon arriving home, Dorothy my wife said the vet had called and wanted to know the dosage of the Tylenol she had given him for pain...Strange, I thought to myself, why would they ask such a question, if they were going to euthanize him....

About 45 min. later Bev Sully the director called, asked me six or seven questions and then asked me if I would be willing to help with payment.... "Yes," I said, "but I only have $100 that my father sent, but I could make payments....." Then it struck me that Buddy dog was still alive....I started crying with joy... "We're not out of the woods yet, Nick," she said, "We don't have much money BUT I'm working on it.....Bonnie the manager will call you in the morning and let you know what is happening..."

THERE ARE ANGELS AMONGST US....a few more details worked out and Buddy was scheduled for surgery Monday morning at 8:15a.m. At 1:00 I called the SPCA and they said he was still in surgery at 12:20. I got real worried....he came out of surgery but was still asleep.... The vet kept him under surveillance at the clinic all night.

He arrived back at the SPCA at 11:00 this morning....I went over at 12 and stayed until 2. He is better than I thought he would be...Bonnie prepared me for the worst on the phone.... I took him out for a pee. He walked out on his own then bolted for the telephone pole on the next lot over. I actually had to jog...Bonnie called out "Bring him back, he thinks he's going home..." and I'd read about them getting real tired fast at first, so brought him back. Well he walked back....sniffing everything ... He buggered that big cone on his head up a bit, but it didn't seem to bother him..... We went back to his little private room that Bonnie has made up for him .... He growled at the cats he could see through the window... We saw him smile... I know he is in pain.... But he is getting his spirit back fast..... I will take an hour off of school tomorrow.

School ??? (I'm 48 years old and re-training). I'm sure Buddy will have improved even more by then. Buddy will be staying with these kind people at the SPCA in Gander for a week so that he will be closer to the vet in case of complications...... The care they are giving him is unbelievable.....They all fell in love with him....

Good People....Where the money came from, who knows; no one's saying.... Where the money's coming from, to make the payments. Who knows? But we're not starving to death, so we will do fine....Main thing is Buddy is alive.... I was very worried about his quality of life afterwards (the surgery) but there is so much info on the internet... I feel very confident about his rehabilitation and I'm sure he'll be back to chasing squirrels again very shortly. He's never actually caught a squirrel.... Maybe he'll get one with three legs instead of four .... Well, not really, but I'm sure he will have fun trying. These are only the basics I am telling you.... and our life has been turned upside down the last 4 days...You wanted to know... Like I said, not a good story...But the truth....And the Buddy dog is recovering fine.... Good luck with your website..You gave both Dorothy and I a lot of comfort with your stories and advice last night...I will keep you posted on Buddy's recovery.. Goodnight and God bless!!!!

Tuesday November 15, 2005

Spent an hour with Buddy over to the SPCA this morning. He jumped up on me wagging his little tail and licking my hand..... Both of us forgetting he had his left front leg missing. (This is only 38 hrs after undergoing surgery).... Took him out for a pee.... he walked out himself....After getting outside.... he took off.....I actually had to run to catch up to him... When he had finished he went back to the door and waited for me to catch up to him ... to let him in....Once inside he spied the Cats inside through the glass...."Woof, Woof" Buddy certainly is coming along incredibly well..... And he probably has about 90% of his spirit back......

Buddy turned 3 years old October 2005. He is my little fox (Mutt) We love him....Will send more pics of 3 legged Buddy when we get him back next week! LOL Nick

To be continued....

Wednesday November 16, 2005

Buddy went to the vet yesterday, she said not to worry, he was doing fine, but something wonderful happened...Bonnie was a little concerned... But Buddy, after she unclipped him from the leash, jumped into and out of, and into and out of the Bronco, by himself... Of course, Bonnie was worried about him hurting himself, But the vet said if he did that twice, let him go on... Astounding, Dr. Jaret said, 3 days after surgery... If all goes well, hope to have Buddy home Monday or Tuesday.

Friday November 18, 2005


Dear Cassie,

My name is Rudy and I want to join your dog club. I was born in a junkyard in Red Hook, Brooklyn and lived there for a few weeks with my brothers and sisters until I was rescued by a nice neighbor. While I was at the junkyard, I got my back left leg caught in a wire and had what they call a "degloving" injury. I almost died! But I made it to the hospital and had my leg amputated and then was adopted by my current owner (who happens to be named CASSIE!!!). Anyway, I get along great with three legs, I don't even remember having a 4th. Like my vet says,"Dogs only need three legs, the fourth is a spare!" I run super fast, faster than most 4-legged dogs. I don't like to brag but I have also been featured in New York Magazine as one of the best dogs to walk if you're trying to "pick someone up." I got a lot of attention after that, but I'm not letting it get to my head. I just want everyone to know that being a 3-legged dog is great. I wouldn't trade it back for that old bum leg for the world!

Lots of love to all my fans,
Rudy (a.k.a. "Bugman")
Friday November 18, 2005

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