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Hello, my name is Justin and I came across your site while browsing and thought I would join, if that was okay with you. My girlfriend and I own a three legged Black Lab, his back left leg was amputated some time ago but not in our ownership. We had adopted a Siberian Husky and thought he needed a friend. So we called around to different shelters and eventually came across a flyer in a Southern Agriculture that advertised a Free Black Lab to a good home. We investigated and found out that he only had three legs, but this was not a deterrent but inspired an even greater need to adopt this dog. We arrived at the woman's house with our own dog in tow in the back seat; the Lab was meandering around the neighborhood. She called for him by name, "Lucky" and he bolted toward her, obviously obedient. The two dogs sniffed and played momentarily, good to see they didn't fight. We talked to the woman who was apparently fostering several other smaller dogs. She told his sad story.

Apparently the original owners didn't get him neutered and he jumped the fence to go after a female. He was struck by a car soon after. They paid to have his leg amputated and fixed, got him neutered and then put him in the SHELTER, it made no sense. But when she came across him she adopted him out of the shelter and was working for Lab Rescue at the time, so you'd think his trial was over, but NO, they would not accept him due to his handicap, that's a fine how do 'ya do, huh? So she quit working for them and started a kind of self supported dog rescue in her home.

When she felt she trusted us enough she simply handed over his rabies tags and we said good-bye with a promise to return occasionally so they can visit and also to bring her bag of dog food. We renamed him Xavier, like the professor on X-men, who is handicapped but still special in his own way. So that's how we came upon our "Xavier Baby", his nickname. Thank you for your time!

-Justin & Misty
Monday February 13, 2006

Mister Bear

This is an "In Memoriam" update to Mister Bear. Somewhere, at sometime, in someplace I shall never know was born a wonderful Sheltie puppy who grew up to be Mr. Bear, also known by many as "Bear, the three legged rescue dog".

No one remembers his puppyhood, or even his youthful years, or how he was injured. Perhaps these things aren't really important, because it is not who or where we came from, or if we can provide a written pedigree the really matters in a life.

What matters is what we have become, and how we have loved others, and how we have lived the life we were given before we are gathered Home.

Mr. Bear, loved by all who came to know him, crossed the Rainbow Bridge at 3:10pm, February 25, 2006, to a Land where he shall run free again, with no pain or restrictions on his life.

Mr. Bear crossed that Bridge with the same dignity and gentleness with which he spent his life here, bearing his infirmities with a stoicism that few can emulate. I held him in my arms for one last time as he crossed over.

Bear only spent a little short of his last two years here with us, but he taught me more than I can even share here.....about loving, accepting the limitations that are placed upon us, and the fact that we most assuredly are more than the sum of our parts.

For a great part of his life, Mr. Bear was basically abandoned as no Sheltie should ever be, but he continued to love, to hope, and live his life in the best way he could.

He asked for very little; yet he gave everything there was in his great heart to those who came to know him.

As it became harder and harder for him to walk he still came to the door to greet me, woofing joyfully, and followed me about the house even when he began to fall more and more.

Last night, he whimpered several times for me to lift him and turn him. I carried him out and in this morning and this afternoon he lay on the floor, able to follow me only with his eyes and I believe he was telling me that it was time.

Mr. Bear came here because of a Higher Power, I believe. I had written to Precious Secrets Sheltie Rescue, Pam and Cathy, to ask how he was doing in his new home. The answer I got back was "Please fill out an adoption application". I called Ann Acuff to ask what to do and her answer was, "FILL IT OUT!!"

There was something about Bear's eyes when I met him I shall never forget. Like many people with poor vision (he had cataracts), he saw beyond and straight into your heart. He knew before I did that he had found his forever home.

In the past two years Mr. Bear traveled and met many people. He went to Florida twice, the last time meeting TJ and Sue, owners of Snug Harbor, who tenderly cared for him when I had to go out and gave him treats which he loved, as well as their two Shelties.

He traveled to Tennessee, and met Ann Acuff, and a group of the SYL family. He returned to PSSR for 2 adoption reunions and to visit the people who had so lovingly taken him in and cared for him until he could come here to his forever home: Pam, Cathy, Erin, and many others. He also stopped in to see them on his last trip home from Florida.

Mr. Bear also attended the 2005 Sheltie National in St. Louis, where with true humility, and dignity, he mingled with show dogs and people from all over, including Dorothy Christiansen, who leads Rescue.

Cremation will take place, and he will be laid to rest with my husband and I when I join them and my other fur children at the Bridge.

If you are able to do so, Mr. Bear would be very grateful if in his memory, you could make a donation in his name to Sheltie Rescue, so that other abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs may find loving forever homes where they will be loved and cherished as their Creator meant them to be.

Normally I would write his poem at this point, but it may take a few days as my heart left with him. Instead, for now, I shall take poetic license with an old song:

Goodbye to you/It's hard to die,

When all the birds/Are singing in the sky,

Happy puppies everywhere/Look at them and I'll be there.

Goodbye to you, My trusted friend/Heaven begins When earth's at end,

Shed your body And your care/Wait for me, And I'll be there,

Wait for me, My sweet old Bear.

It is not forever, forever is in my heart. I asked God "Why so soon?" He answered, "When would it be long enough?"

Sadly missed by his loving family: Pj, MiLady, Jenny, Miz Pookie, and Heather Happy Tail Dear one Miz Jessie Hukids Caleb, Brittany, and Asha

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." Anonymous

God bless you
Saturday February 25, 2006

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