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Petey Pablo

Hi Cassie,

I want to tell you about my great three-legged dog. His name is Petey Pablo. As you can see, he is a very handsome and special boy! He is 5 years old and loving life, but when he was 6 months old he was being used as a bait dog and he was saved by a young boy who brought him into the shelter. His front leg was so mangled it had to be amputated. He was adopted by a wonderful family but in the past months due to medical reasons the family was unable to keep him anymore. For whatever reasons fate has a way of bringing 2 spirits together and on the day Petey was to be put down I happened to be there and now he is living happily with me. He is the sunshine in my life. I have had him for just a short time but he is my world and I love him so much. I look forward to a lifetime with my wonderful friend Petey Pablo.

I am trying to get him certified as a therapy dog. I know they would enjoy him! He makes friends everywhere we go! I just know he would do good for people as he has enriched my life to no end! I even met my boyfriend because of Petey! :-)


Jacki Thomas
Boston, MA
Thursday January 26, 2006


Dear Cassie,

My name is Libby. A very good friend of mine Tony has a three legged dog named Tres. He got her at the doggy pound. She was missing a leg when he got her. She is four years old. Here is a picture of Tres. Have a good day.
Wednesday February 1, 2006

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