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I saw Dusty, my 3-legged wonder, on the Ontario SPCA.
2 days later I convinced my mom and dad that even though my old dog just died 5 days ago that we should get Dusty, so 1 day later, me and my dad went into the SPCA. I ran into where they kept the dogs and Dusty was there waiting. It's like she knew I was there to take her.

She was hopping and jumping up, shaking her one paw as if she was tryin' to say "open the damn door, already!" Meanwhile, my dad was doing all the paperwork and they told him about her past, that her old owner hit her with a car and then the SPCA took Dusty away and paid to get her leg fixed.

Dusty is the best dog for me. It's like she was made for me in doggie heaven, and it all just worked out.

That's my story - the leg that's missing is her front right leg. Sometimes, you can see her wiggling what's left :)

Meagan Shannon
Wednesday January 19, 2007


Hi Cassie,

My name is Sherry. I have a 3-legged, 8-month-old Pom-Chi.
My story is she was born that way.
I saw you on the news and I just wanted to join your club and tell you about my little girl who means the world to me.

I have had people look at her and say,
"Oh, why didn't you put her to sleep, why should she live with just 3 legs?" They say she won't be able to run or do anything; well I just looked at them and said, "Would you give your kid away, if it was born with 1 arm or 1 leg?" They would say "Well that is very different," and I say "Why is it different?"

My baby has the left leg gone, but I would never put her down for that. I am glad to see someone stand up and help the 3-legged critters. I am sending a picture of my little girl.

Carney is her name, and running fast is her game.

Thank you,

Monday January 15, 2007

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