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My name is Kelli. My family and I live in Washington.
(My husband, Troy and 3 boys, Trent, 5, Logan, 3, and Marshall, 3 months). We have 2 three legged labs, 1 Chocolate, Bronte, 1 Black, Pogo.

In April of 2006 we found Bronte at a local shelter.
He had been hit by a car and left on the side of the road.
A Good Samaritan picked him up and brought him to the vet
where it was decided his leg must be amputated.
When the owners were found they could not afford the expense of the surgery so they opted to put him to sleep.

The vet stepped in and offered to take him on as a charity case,
since he was such a sweet dog, and then find him a new home.
All went well with the surgery, but they hit another snag.
They could not find him a home.

After a year of trying to get him a home, they brought him to the humane society.

Well I was searching PetFinder one day and came across him and TOTALLY fell in love. We took our kids to meet him; our then 2 year old had always been leery of dogs, but took to Bronte immediately!! That sealed it.

We were about 3 weeks from moving into our own home
with a large fenced yard, so we had to make a quick deal with our landlord, who luckily loved dogs!

He has turned out to be the best dog either my husband or myself has ever owned. Then last week our cat was killed and we decided to get a new pet.

We decided cats were not a good choice because we live by a semi-busy road. My husband and I were going back and forth about what kind of dog we wanted, puppy or adult, large or small etc...

We turned in applications for several puppies and dogs from rescue groups, but then we heard that our local Petco was having an off-site adoption from the local Humane Society, so we wanted to go see what they had.

We got there when they were setting up on Saturday, and in hops Pogo!!

A beautiful Black Lab, missing the same leg as our Bronte.

I knew right then and there that we were meant to have this dog.

She was sweet as could be and immediately started licking the kids.
She fell from the back of a truck going about 35 miles an hour.
Luckily she was not killed, but only lost her front leg.
This happened about a year ago and her owner was able to go through with the surgery. However, she was turned over to the humane society last week, because they could no longer handle her energy.

With 3 young kids, we can handle any energy she throws at us.

We have only had her 3 days and she has proved to be another wonderful companion.

We were skeptical about another dog because we were so lucky with Bronte, but I guess lightning does strike twice, and apparently it takes a leg when it hits!

We feel so lucky to have 2 very special dogs!!

Kelli Phipps
Tuesday January 16, 2007



After hearing your story on the 10:00 news, I went into your web site and thought I would send you our story about our dear Annie.

Little Orphan Annie was in Hurricane Francis in Florida in 2005.
She was found in the middle of a large field and had been there for several days.

When a veterinarian's assistant found her she weighed just 37 pounds.
Her front right legged was totally twisted and her left rear foot was broken in two places and needed a plate.

Since they did not know if anyone would want Annie, they did not put a plate in her rear foot. As a result, she has some arthritis in that foot.

The North Hollywood Veterinarian Clinic tried to save her front leg but was unable to do so. This resulted in the removal of the leg and shoulder.

In working with Annie they found that "Annie was one of the smartest and sweetest dogs they had worked on."

After removing the leg and nursing her back to health, they could not find anyone to take her, as there were so many misplaced dogs in Florida.

The Veterinarian Assistant's parents called me and asked if one of my employees might be interested in Annie. I asked around and received all of the excuses "my dog would not want another dog around," "I do not want a dog that large", "I do not want a 3 legged dog", etc.

In the meantime, they sent me a picture of Annie.

Guess what!

The next day I was in my car from Kansas and on my way to Florida to pick up Annie. When I picked her up it was love at first sight.
She had gained about 10 pounds and weighed in at 45 pounds.

Annie now weights 71 pounds and the two of us are very happy.
She goes to work with me every day and has customers that come in just to see Annie and her two sisters. Her sisters were also rescued, but they both have 4 legs.

Annie's only problems having 3 legs, she does not like slick floors, nor snow or ice. She loves to play catch and enjoys running and jumping to catch the ball.

She has no problem jumping into the car or pickup.

I would do it again.

Kay McKee, Annie's mother
Wednesday January 17, 2007

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