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Dakota was diagnosed with Ostersarcoma at age 5.
I could not believe what I was hearing.
When he started to limp, I thought, since he was such an athletic dog, he had hurt himself in one of his many jumps off of our backyard wall.

I was wrong, and; it was devastating to me to think I would not have him much longer. After many tests, Dr. Smith felt that Dakota was a good candidate for amputation. He also felt that with surgery and chemo, we would have a good chance of giving him the quality of life that we all felt he deserved.

Some friends and family were skeptical and thought I was doing the wrong thing. I felt positive, and I am so glad that I stood by my gut feelings. It is now over a year since his surgery and he runs and jumps along with his little brother KC. He brings such joy to my heart each morning I see him.

I am surprised by his strength and happiness!

I pray each day the cancer does not come back
and I consider each day with Dakota a very special gift.

Deborah Vargo
Wednesday January 24, 2007


I was looking thru our little Sunday community paper one day,
and on the humane society page I saw a three legged dog up for adoption.

Apparently he had been caught in an animal trap;
by the time someone caught up to Bert, it was too late.

Gangrene had set in and the leg needed amputating.

He had been brought in with two other dogs when the owners could no longer keep him. They were a young couple from a small town acreage, had just had a baby, and had to move to the city to find work.

There was no landlord that would let them keep the animals, so...........

When I saw this 3 legged guy, my heart went out to him.
I had to go have a look.
I was impressed by Bert's friendliness, willingness to obey and overall good temperament. I went back home and got my border collie, Jake, so they could be introduced and see what kind of rapport they'd have.

It went very well!

The next and most difficult hurdle was convincing my husband that we should get another dog. Two days later Bert came home with us.

That was almost 3 years ago now.

Jake, the border collie and Bert also are now inseparable.

My husband absolutely adores this dog (and the dog thinks my husband is some kind of god !!!) There's nothing Bert wouldn't do for us.

He's sooooo grateful for everything and expresses his thanks every day.

Annette & David Voss
Thursday January 25, 2007

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