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If you missed this morning's episode of NBC's TODAY Show,
be sure to Click HERE to watch the video segment featuring the Rolling Dog Ranch.

Kudos to Alayne Marker and Steve Smith for all their love, care and compassion in helping to raise awareness for all these BEAUTIFUL handi-capable pets!

Little Lil


This is Little Lil, our three legged Collie Cross.
She has been with us since 2004 via a rescue charity.
Lil had been hit by a car and lost her front leg as a result of that.
She was found wandering the streets badly injured.

A dog warden collected her, she had no ID and no owners came forward, despite her appearance on a local news channel.

She spent a few months in rehabilitation before we were able to bring her home. I couldn't wait to sign her adoption papers!

She lives life to the full, and does everything our other dogs do. Nothing phases Lil.

I have taken some precautions with her though, to make her life easier. She wears a support harness when out on walks, she's on natural joint supplements, and she is on a permanent diet to ensure she doesn't put too much weight on.

We love Little Lil dearly and life wouldn't be as much fun without her!

Vicky and David Welsh
Friday January 26, 2007


My name is Kelly and I was picked up by the local Animal Control
and brought to an animal rescue. I had been hit by a car and left for dead on the side of the road.

I only weigh 13 pounds and that car hit me hard enough to completely shatter and destroy my front leg. My entire body was severely bruised and there was no comfortable way anyone could pick me up.

I am microchipped but my owners tossed me out by the road and didn't want me anymore.

They said I was a mean dog, but that is very far from the truth.

After three surgeries and several difficult months of recovering, I find myself one leg short but very happy and playful. I play with 4 Dachshunds, I climb stairs and I can even jump up on my Mom's bed.

Now that I'm in this loving home, I find that I'm the happiest I've ever been. I love everyone I meet, I love to sit on laps and now I'm in training to become a Pet Therapy Dog who visits hospitals and nursing homes cheering up patients.

My whole life has turned around for the better since I was hit by that car.

One family tosses me out and my next family finds that I'm so wonderful, I can help people who are also in a bad way.

My owner is:
Nancy Hahn
Friday January 26, 2007

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