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We just recently adopted a 3 legged Husky!
She was BADLY abused, and neglected!
When we first got her, she was starving!

She had to have her leg amputated because she fell out of the back of the owners truck, and broke her leg, they did not get her to a hospital, and as a result they had to amputate her leg!

She seems to be doing fine!
Walks and runs with my other dog!
And they play like normal!
Her name is Raylin!
Here is her picture!
We would love to join your group here!!

Sunday January 28, 2007

Lyle & Sami

My story begins about 3 years ago.
I have had Lyle (rat terrier) since he was 6 weeks old, August 1997.

3 years ago, he ran out in the back yard and all I heard was a bark.

I had no idea he would never use his right rear leg again.

We did 2 surgeries, 9 months of bandaging, casting and physical therapy, but it would never heal. After watching him go through this,
we decided the best thing would be to amputate.

30 minutes after surgery, he was trying to run around and he's never slowed down since. He's a little older and a little wiser now, but he still has the heart of a lion.

The continuation of the story is that in November of 2006,
while browsing through, I came across a female rat terrier mix, missing her right front leg. It seemed like too perfect of a match.

So now I am the proud owner of 2 three legged dogs.
Every time I feel down about life, or overwhelmed by the bills, or sorry for myself........... one of them runs over to me, shoves a toy in my face and reminds me that no matter what hand life deals me, it's still good to be alive.

Here they are lounging on the couch and in the sun together, it's their favorite hobby.

Thank you for a wonderful site.

Jacque Young
Sunday January 28, 2007

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