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I adopted Shooter when he was two months old.
Shooter was found in a kennel in a ditch with his brother Murphy,
who my roommate adopted. When I adopted Shooter he had all four legs; he had all four until he was six months old.

I am not really sure what happened to Shooter, but he broke his leg playing with Murphy one night and the break was too high to get a splint and the surgery wasn't a very viable option, so I decided on amputation.

Shooter bounced back right after surgery and was going up and down stairs with no problem. I was really relieved to see how shooter bounced back after surgery. After watching him I knew I made the right decision!

This just happened to Shooter a week and a half ago and my dad found your site, and I thought it was perfect for him. Shooter and Murphy still live in the same house, along with our other roommate's
6 month old pug, Winston.

Tim Wussow
Wednesday January 31, 2007


My name is Tres. Get it?...Uno, Dos, Tres!
I am a male Border Collie.
My right foreleg was amputated after being hit by a car.
My owner, Emily, trick trains me every day.
I can sit, stay, bow, speak, play dead, shake, high five, spin, roll over, dance, jump through Em's arms when she holds them out in a circle, weave through Em's legs when she walks, sit pretty, wave, crawl, and many more.

I am pure black with just a few hairs of white on both of my hind paws and chest.

I had my amputation on Valentine's Day of 2005.

I can still catch Squirrels and run with my neighborhood dog friends for hours.

Tres is about 3 years old. 2 stray dogs kept coming to our house every day. At the time, they were both normal, four-legged dogs. the first was Tres, or at that time we called him Luna. The other was a Lab/Redbone we called Kasey.

After about a month, we found a home for Kasey with our fellow horse barn friend, Bridgette. For another week, Tres kept coming up to our house every day. Then he went missing for 2 days.

when he came back, we found him laying on our porch in a pile of blood. My dad picked him up. since he was a stray, we were surprised he didnt bite him, with the pain he was in. We figured if he didnt bite then, he was a great dog.

it was a late Sunday vets were open. The only place was an emergency vet a half an hour away. we drove him over. all the vets did was take a couple of X-rays & put a little splint on him...$1,000!!! For a stray! His leg bone & shoulder bone were totally snapped in half. He stayed there overnight. The next morning we came & picked him up, brought him home.

We were having the hardest decision, as to whether to amputate or euthanize him...he was in so much pain. we amputated. we took him to our vet. at that time we had other pets as well, and ALL the stray dogs come to our house for food, water, and vetting!

Well, the vet amputated him on Valentine's Day....another $1,000 bill.

That's two thousand dollars for a stray dog we weren't even going to keep!!

The day after he was amputated, my dad gave me a red collar for valentine's day. there was a gold tag on it that said "TRES" and our phone & address.

They let me keep Tres!!!

The day he got home, he was already running up and down the stairs, jumping on/off beds, chasing/catching squirrels and so on. It was incredible!

He is now a happy dog living with our 3 cats, horse, and our other 2 dogs.

~Emily MacKay & Tres~
Wednesday January 31, 2007

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