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My name is Christee Damron and last week I was given a beautiful 5 month old AKC registered Pomeranian. His name is Bo, short for Bocephus. I had him exactly 4 days and on Sunday morning I let him out for 5 minutes so I could run and put some sweat pants on.

I have a totally fenced in yard so didn't think 5 minutes would hurt.

I was wrong.

I went outside and he was nowhere to be found.

I called and looked and found him severely hurt by the fence.

I thought OMG, how did he get out of my fence and secondly that he was hit by a car. Well I picked him up and the neighbor came over and said his Pit Bull dogs got him. My husband and I rushed him to the Animal Emergency center about a hour away as I could not get ahold of my Vet.

To make a very long story shorter they had to amputate his right rear leg. He had a lot of injuries but I feel like he is such a miracle.

He has survived and been home two days now.

He will go on Monday to the family vet to have a few stitches removed. I guess my Bocephus is now Tricephus.

He is adjusting very well but as I have other pets I have him in a large Pet Porter for travel on plains. He actually tried to run from me this AM as I have puppy pads for him to potty on right now as it is so muddy outside.

I just wanted to say that I have read a lot of your site's stories and they are so inspirational. Little Bo is also a wonderful Baby and we have had a lot of support but I am so confused on what to look for right now while he is healing. I am so scared he is going to pull a staple or stitch out.

He has other areas stapled and stitched, as those big dogs really hurt him. Thank you.


Christee Damron from Oklahoma
Saturday February 3, 2007


Well, I found Flip on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere near Athens, Oh. She had a bum arm and was dragging it around.

I never met a more charming dog and she was so willing to jump right into my truck and lick my face all over.

It turns out that she had severed the nerves in her shoulder, rendering her arm completely useless.

I happen to think that Flip is the best dog in the world and if there were competitions for best dog ever, I'd enter her into it.

So far nothing has slowed her down, she swims faster than most dogs, and can keep up at the dog park.

When it comes to hiking, I've taken her deep in the woods of West Virginia's New river gorge, and she has yet to tire on any day.

Anyway, she is almost two and I love her. I think she is a pit/lab/hound or as I like to say, Appalachian Porch Setter.

Tuesday February 6, 2007

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