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Dear Cassie,

I got Luke, an Akit-Huskey mix, as a puppy from a friend.
After a year, he got his sister, Onyx, a pure-bred pit bull.

They love each other very much, and Luke has always had a soft spot for baby anythings. He enjoyed being outside, so when I went to work
in the morning, I would put him out on his chain.

One sunny June morning, Luke heard the neighbors new puppies crying (first trips outside?).

I was no match for his heart and he was hit by a Honda CRV.

His battle was long, expensive and resulted in a leg amputation.
He is slightly over 100 pounds, but does very well.

Luke was two years old when he was hit by the car and is four years old now. It is his front right leg that was taken off from the shoulder blade.

He still enjoys other animals and playing all he can stand.
He is a true role-model for dogs and people alike!

Please post his story and we can hope that other people will be as inspired by Luke as I have been!

Thank you,

Jessica LaFave
Tuesday October 30, 2007


Dear Cassie,

My name is Shayla.

I'm a 2 1/2 yr old Australian Shepherd
and I just became a three-legged dog back in July.

You see, we live inside the city limits and our neighbor decided
to fire off a couple rounds from his handgun next to my fenced kennel.

Why was my neighbor firing a gun?
Well, it was 4th of July weekend!
It didn't matter that it was a Sunday night,
or that it was no longer after the 4th of July.
Mom suspects he was drunk, but can't prove it.
This man is not a nice neighbor, as he has tried to get his pit bull to fence fight with my boxer brother on numerous occasions.
There have been several problems before this happened.
Mom did call the police, but they really didn't do anything.
After all, I'm just a dog, right?

We live in a small town of 7000 people.
The police never talked to our witnesses (neighbors next door)
nor looked in our yard for a bullet.

Nor were the police concerned when the next morning
Mom found wounds on the underside of my Boxer brother
(who was out with me) that resembled pea gravel spray
(like the bullet may have hit the ground near him
and sprayed him with gravel from our large kennel area).

Nor did they care Mom was 10 feet from both of us when this happened.

So, two shots were fired, I tried to clear an almost 5' jump
and got caught on the decorative trim of a chain link gate.

If mom hadn't been right there to free me as I dangled,
it could have been much, much worse.

As it was, I tore all the ligaments in my back leg.

Since I'm still growing, the Vet thought it easiest on me
to remove my hurt leg. I don't really miss it now.
I can keep up with my doggie siblings that are bigger than me too! And I sure get extra attention from people because I'm a "tripod"!

My Mommy and my kids adopted me from the shelter in Alaska
when I was just 6 months old. My former people didn't give anyone a reason for giving me up. But my Mommy visited me for a week
at the shelter before deciding to bring me home.

In Alaska, I had another dog sister and lots of cat siblings
to herd around. My Mommy says she fostered kitties,
but it sure looked like she fed them and let them rule the house.

A few months later,
my Mommy's work transferred her to Washington State.
I got to ride on an airplane! Boy!
My dog sister and I were so nervous!

Shortly after we moved,
my Mommy met my Daddy and a while later,
we all moved to be with my Daddy in Oregon.

My Daddy sometimes has seizures and I always seem to know
when they're going to strike.
I whine and let him know he needs to sit down in a safe place.
After the seizure, I help my Daddy come back around
by laying my head on his hands and giving him kisses.

My Mommy says this makes me extra special
and is going to get me certified to help my Daddy.
She says I'd be an "Assistance Dog."
I thought I was already assisting my family
by keeping the cats and my dog brother and sister in line.

I love life and being three-legged hasn't slowed me down!

Oh sure, I'm clumsier than before,
but I still love to herd and play!

Thanks for creating this wonderful club, Cassie!


Shayla Rogers in Oregon

P.S. I'm only sending in a head shot because I've become camera shy since my surgery.

Wednesday November 14, 2007

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