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Trey was owned by homeless people.
They were crossing a highway and he lagged behind
and got hit by a car.

His rear leg and pelvis were broken.

The SPCA picked him up and their vet repaired his leg and pelvis. Unfortunately, it didn't take, and they decided to amputate his leg. Border Collie Rescue of Northern California took him in.

I adopted Trey (previously named Tripod, previously named Peabody) in 2006.

He is doing very well.

He's the ultimate buddy: he's got a great disposition, extremely patient, screams and cries when I take the leash out of the box,
cries like crazy when I tie him up in front of a store
and tolerates the playful bullying of K.C.,
the cattle dog/border collie mix that we live with.

Trey can sometimes run extremely fast for a short time.
He tires easily.

He is loved and we are lucky to have him.

Chonlana Jarawiwat
Saturday April 5, 2008


Oscar is a 9 year old miniature pinscher.

About a little over a year ago, he began heavily favoring his right front leg. I took him to the vet after about 2 weeks of him not walking on his leg and they did some tests which turned out to be negative.

We then scheduled a bone biopsy that came back positive for cancer.

I was devastated. This is my baby boy.

We waited a little while and did a bunch of x-rays
over the next month to see how everything was progressing.

His bone was rapidly deteriorating so we decided to have his leg amputated. It was a very hard decision but I was faced with either amputating his leg or possibly losing him altogether.

We scheduled his surgery.
We had his leg amputated 4 days later.

He went through his surgery very well and everything went fine.
He spent the night at the vet and i picked him up the next day.

I went to visit him in the morning for a little while before I actually took him home. I cried as soon as I seen him but he was a little trooper
and tried jumping up on my lap as soon as he seen me.

He basically didn't even know that it was gone.

His healing went very well and he was just his regular old self.
He still jumps and runs and plays.

The heart breaking thing was that when the vet went to do the biopsy
of his amputated leg it came back as no cancer.

I basically just chalk it up to being a miracle
and now don't have to worry about the cancer coming back.

I was pretty blown away when I first heard that he didn't have cancer and just really couldn't believe it.

Then I became angry that my dog had to lose a leg
because of multiple mistakes that were made
but then I just thought it was a miracle.

We did a lot of praying, A LOT of praying.
I just think that it worked is all and he is just as great
as the day I brought him home at 6 weeks old.

Jennifer Mours
Saturday April 12, 2008

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