Three Legged Dog Club
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Hi. My name is Zeile (named after the baseball player, Todd Zeile), and I am a beagle mix who lives in Dallas. I love to play and chase things. I guess I made a mistake when I tried to get in front of the wheel of a truck. My leg got stuck and was damaged so badly that the doctor had to amputate it. However, I really don't even miss it now. I still play, run, and act crazy. My family loves me even more. I am attaching a picture of myself.


Here's our girl "Marley," adopted with 3 legs from the Chester County, PA SPCA 8/95. She Was 4 in May - we don't know how she lost it, and we try not to speculate. Count me in if you need help putting anything together for the "club."
-Audrey Bath

p.s. face only photo is in the Dog Fancy calendar, May 20 1999. One of these 3 was chosen for the SPCA calendar, but it's not out yet. We also adopted a 4 yr old female Chesapeake, thru the Chesapeake Bay Rescue program.

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