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I'm Pat from New Jersey, and my story is about Jake.
He is an 8 year old Golden Retriever
whom I love with all my heart.

Jake just lost his front left leg on April 24, 2008 to a tumor.
He was first diagnosed in October and treated with meds.
We were told it had to be removed and follow up with chemo.

We decided on February 8, 2008 to remove the tumor
and not do the chemo, but within 8 weeks, the tumor had grown back.

It was a shock to us all and we're still trying to cope.

Jake is doing well and getting stronger every day.
His stitches come out May 8, 2008,
but I don't think we're ready to take the T-shirt off.

Thank you so much for this site,
and we want to say "Hi" to Yogi,
who we feel looks a lot like Jake.

New Jersey
Wednesday May 7, 2008


It has been four weeks since Jake's surgery and he is doing well.
Last week we had some leaking from the upper part of the shoulder
which was a little scary, but we kept changing the t shirts
and he was put on antibiotics for this past week.

He is eating and sleeping well, he is a little tired still
and we are just walking him on the property.

We have area rugs all over the dining room and living room
so he won't slip, but he has had some falls.

With time, he will get his balance back.

This is a wonderful place to talk and share all our loving stories about our 3 legged friends.


Pat and Jake
Thursday May 22, 2008


Hey I just came across the website
and wanted to get my dog Gus in your club.

His full name is Colonel Guster Bell.
He is an Australian Cattle dog which actually derived from the Dingo.
Better known as the Red or Blue Heeler.
Gus is Red.

This is his story...

Gus was coming up on his 1st birthday on February 22nd '08
when he went missing on Feb. 7th '08.

We called and called and called
and finally decided he must have gotten stolen or killed somehow.

(Really deep down inside, I knew he was alive).

All the sudden after a week (Valentine's Day, to be exact)
I looked outside and THERE HE WAS, ON THE PORCH!!!!

He was dragging his left rear leg as though it was injured.
I inspected it and we came to the conclusion that he had been in a trap of some sort. I took him to my local vet and he said it was too far gone and all he could do was amputate... I was devastated!!!

I went along with the vet and let him do the operation
(the day of his 1st birthday)
and let me tell you- this dog has no idea he is missing a leg!

He gets around as well as ANY other dog with 4 legs can.
Gus is the smartest dog I've ever owned.
He minds and listens like no other.
Wherever I go, he is always a step away.

I love him so much and couldn't imagine my life without him
and that was the best Valentine's Day gift I have EVER had!!!

Friday May 9, 2008

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