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Six weeks ago, my family and I inherited a 3-legged dog, following the death of his owner and the extended family not wanting him.

'Fred' is missing his front right leg, this having apparently come about after an accident with a motorbike - which he chased - and later needed an amputation.

Fred is a Jack Russell Terrier X and is a delightful character.

Having been accustomed to sleeping outside, not being walked on a daily basis and having little other than dried food, his life has been turned around.

He now sleeps on the bed inside his own sleeping bag, goes out 2-3 times daily and is fed on beef, chicken and fish.

Fred gets around very well and not only is he obviously much happier now, evident from the spring in his step and his cheekiness, but we are blessed with the company of a beautiful little dog.

I would be interested to know if any members have been able to purchase a walking harness for their 3-legged friend? I would much prefer to get one rather than have Fred on a collar.


Sheila M Lynch
Monday May 12, 2008


Hey, this is my puppy Cassie!
Well actually her full name is Cassidy,
for "Hop Along Cassidy,"
but the name Cassie stuck many years ago and is short and cute.

I saw this site, and thought WOW, what a coincidence!

She isn't really a puppy anymore, she's 5....
though I still like to think that she is.
She's a Shepherd mix.

My family has had her for 3 lovable years now,
and she has had quite some life.

We adopted her from the Humane Society in my town,
after hearing about what happened.

Cassidy used to belong to a family that never cared much about her, and left her in the garage.

Its a sad thought, that I usually don't talk about.

She was one of many puppies and was first adopted from Petsmart.

The family took her in and for a reason I still don't understand,
they kept her inside their garage.

She was chained up and was given little food.

One day she finally got the guts to escape the dirty garage
and loosen the chains, but not long after Cassie left,
she was hit by a car.

Her leg was still attached, just broken.

The family shoved her back inside the garage and left her.

We found out it was three weeks before they did anything about it.

In that time, Cassidy had tried to chew off her leg;
I guess because of the pain.

Anyway, three weeks after the accident,
the family decided they couldn't afford any treatment,
so they dropped her off at the Humane Society.

The Humane Society wasn't going to bother trying to help her;
they figured she was in enough pain already, and put her to rest.

A local school took notice and had a fundraiser
to collect money for her operation.
We live in a small town, so word travels fast.

The school raised enough money and the operation to amputate her leg was a success. All they needed to do was to find her a good home.

That's where me and my family came into the picture.
We heard and my mom's heart sank right away just hearing about it.
She knew that we needed this dog and could help her get her life back.

When we first went to look at her, she was in terrible condition.
I was only 13 at the time, and remember I was scared to touch her.

Her legs had chain marks up and down them from being tied up
and she was shaved in the leg area where it once had been.

She walked funny and was very skinny.
Cassidy had no weight on her at all.

Obviously, we adopted her on the spot and took her home with many instructions. At home waited our other dog, Gretchen, who was 4 at the time. They never got along; Cassie didn't like to be petted,
she was abused and wasn't used to human touching.

It was several weeks later that Cassie finally felt at home
and was jumping up on the beds.

Cassidy is the most lovable dog I have ever known,
and I think deep down, she really knows that if it weren't for us,
the humane society, and the school, she wouldn't be here.

After I come home from school, she greets me
and follows me around until I go to sleep,
where she lays outside my door.

Gretchen also has a huge part in her life
and Cassie is always looking out for her.

She's 8 now and we took them to the vet not too long ago,
and we found out how attached those two really are.

The Veterinarian tried to handle Gretchen to check her out,
but Cassidy just would not let the vet anywhere near her.

She growled and tried to be all tough,
but never actually went after him.

It just goes to show that we can change animals to love,
even if they have had the worst of times.

I have attached some photos below.

Tuesday May 20, 2008

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