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Squam Lake, New Hampshire, was the site of the "On Golden Pond" movie. More recently, it was the site of another "Golden" movie.
Alaskan Golden Retriever "Denali" goes dog wheelchair hiking
with her family for a dip in the lake. Watch as she bounces down the trail -- with a little help from her family.


My husband is in the United States Army,
and I am a full time college student.
We decided to wait to have children until I finished school,
so the next best thing was to get a puppy.
I ran across Sadie on a Craigslist Ad and fell in love.
She has been our "puppy child" ever since.
Sadie means the world to both of us.

Unfortunately, while Sadie was briefly being watched
by someone we trusted, she was dropped on the concrete.
I was in a panic!

I was told that she had fractured her shoulder and a simple surgery would fix it. The day of her surgery I took Sadie in, and was told I could pick her up that night. That afternoon I received the most shocking phone call that I've ever received... they had no choice, but to amputate her leg.

Sadie did not handle the surgery well,
and we didn't take the news well, either.
After several really terrible days of not knowing if she would even make it or not, she finally started making progress.

My husband and I felt like we could breathe again.
Sadie only having three legs was long forgotten,
and the happiness of having her home again was all that mattered.

Sadie finally started to hold food down, walk, and even play with our other dog. We couldn't be more happy to just have her back in our lives, happy and thriving again. We are all still so new to this, but it has been so great finding this website to help answer the questions we have.

Elizabeth & Nathan Reim
Thursday July 23, 2009

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