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I've owned a tripod for 6 1/2 years.
She's 8 now, and she was born with all four of her legs,
but on a sad night in November, she chased a creature in the night, and her "running partner" (a beautiful yellow lab I was fostering, whose name was Boone) and she went on for about 4 hours.

I looked and looked, but they were not to be found.

At 5:30 am, in the pitch-dark morning,
I glimpsed a yellow head, slowly coming up the front hill.

The head would appear, and disappear.

When my eyes focused and I ran closer,
I could see a dog pushing an object up the hill.

The object was my Billie girl.

She'd been hit about 60 feet away,
and he had gotten her up,
and helped her with his head,
up the hill, into my yard.

There she was, in shock, with her front leg dangling
like the arm of a rag doll.

After days of recuperation and lots of prayers, she made it home!
And after a year of lamenting, I finally agreed and had her leg removed.
She has successfully lived life as a tripod, but age is now her enemy.

I have been researching to find other tripod owners,
because I need advice on how to help her live her last years
the happiest and healthiest that she can! She is the love of my life :)

Incredibly, two months later,
we discovered her "running partner" had given her a little present...

Two months later, Billie gave birth to 11 puppies,
in a kiddie pool, in my kitchen!

Some people ask if they were all born with 4 legs.... No kidding.

Boone had very pretty babies.
The mixture of Billie and Boone turned out to be a perfect combination of brute and beauty. I kept the runt - thinking he wouldn't play too hard with his mama - a big boy named Blue.

Both mama and daddy were in the 70-80 lb range,
but my Blue kept growing and growing, like Clifford the Red Dog!
He was 60 lbs at 6 months old; he topped out at 120lbs. this summer.

Boone was the most heroic boy I've personally met in my life, to date. He was a true inspiration to me for years after her accident.
I'll never forget that night when he saved her life.
I have him and him alone to thank for all the love
I've received from my Billie girl the past 6 1/2 years.

We found him a home with a single guy who bought a bike
with a little motor on it, and ran/rode with him, to keep him happy.
Happy endings, all the way around :)

Laura & Billie O'Mara
Tuesday August 11, 2009


My name is Daisy and I'm 2 years old.
I was the runt of 9 puppies, and that is why I'm the way I am.
I was born with this disability, so this is all I've ever known.
I'm full of energy and love.
I love chasing after critters and taking walks, although I'm exhausted afterwards. People feel sorry for me, but I'm tougher than my big brothers.

Erica Pritchard
Sunday August 23, 2009

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