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Dear Cassie's Club,
Attached is a picture of my dog Tigger!
Feel free to use it on your site!
We love her - what a great attitude!!

Scott Talkov
Monday July 20, 2009


I have a beautiful 7 year old Rotti called Logan (Loges).
About 6 weeks ago, he became lame in his left front leg.
A couple of years ago, he had Arthritis in his leg.
Assuming it was the same thing as it was winter,
he was treated for Arthritis.

This went on for about 4 weeks, with no improvement.
Eventually x-rays showed that he had cancer
in the bone in his upper leg.
I immediately thought that nothing could be done.
I had lost my previous Rotti, also to bone cancer.
Anyway, the Vet said "Amputate it."

I was shocked, but the alternative was not an option.
I was told that dogs manage quite well with only 3 legs.
My worry was he is such a big dog (60ks)
and the remaining front leg will have to do a lot of work.

He had the surgery within days.
I was very stressed and feared bringing him home
and how we all would cope.
But he was very good. No falling over.
You could see him working out the best way to do things, like steps. We are only a month down the track
and he is getting better all of the time.
Some steeper steps I have not let him try, just yet.

I worry about that only front leg taking all the weight.
I have also put him on Glucosamine, to prevent the Arthritis.
It's early times yet, but I am giving him a chance.
It's a bit hard for him to bury his bones,
but he uses his nose...Fingers crossed.

Karen Norris
Tuesday August 25, 2009

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