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Good afternoon,
My name is David Ascarrunz and I am the owner of a rescue dog.

I got her when I was in college in a new place, so it was nice to have a companion. According to the animal shelter she was found wandering the deserts of Tucson, AZ, so naturally I assumed she was abandoned. As soon as I saw her beautiful brindle coat and her loving personality I knew that I had found the right dog. She came right up to me and looked at me as if to say, "Take me with you."

It was really difficult getting her into the car initially, but we quickly formed a very close bond and she quickly became my best friend.
She isn't really fond of other dogs, so I can see why she wasn't wanted, however, she is just the sweetest dog, if treated right.

One day, she seemed to be in pain. I assumed it was just an injury romping around with the other dogs, but the pain didn't seem to go away.

She would just whine out of nowhere and it really worried me, so I took her to the vet. They told me she had some form of bone cancer on her front left arm, that I can't even begin to spell or pronounce. Luckily though, upon further inspection, the vet was able to see that it has not spread to any other parts of her body, so an amputation was necessary to stop that from happening.

I will be getting her back today, but just wanted to share.
I found this website by searching for ways to make my dog's life easier and what to expect. Thank you so much for having this information handy; it makes me feel better. This is my Mariah Doggy, she is around 10 years old.

David Ascarrunz
Friday January 23, 2015


This is my dog Lilly.
She is a 3-year-old American Staffy.
She unfortunately was attacked by another dog and her front left leg was so severely damaged it had to be amputated.
She's lucky to still be here.
She has made an incredibly fast recovery and is back to her happy-sooky self. She is an absolute princess and spoiled rotten.
She's a very lucky girl and I am a very lucky owner to have such a tremendous little fighter.

Krystle O'Bryant
Monday February 9, 2015

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