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Ginger is a pitbull mix that I adopted from the shelter. She was severely burned in an apartment fire as a puppy so she's a bit scarred up ...but she has the most beautiful blue eyes.

She was four-legged when I adopted her, but definitely accident prone. She broke a leg, tore a dew claw which had to be amputated, was sick for three straight days after getting into the day-after-thanksgiving-trash (and ate up the turkey bones), not to mention having Lyme's Disease, a false pregnancy (even though she was spayed), and repeated boughts of kennel cough. This all happened in the first 2 years of her life!

Then, while playing with the neighbor's dog out in the woods at Grandma's house, she ran onto the road and got hit by a car. We should have been more careful with Ginger, especially with her track record, but the damage was done. She suffered radial nerve damage to her front left leg. Two years later, after numerous visits to veterinary neurologists, orthopedists, accupuncturist, and masseuse, I finally decided to have Ginger's leg amputated. She had a lick granuloma that wouldn't heal. Although she didn't drag her leg when she walked, it really wasn't much good to her. I dreaded taking her for walks because I had to wrap up the leg in a bootie or a splint which was difficult when princess Ginger didn't cooperate. Ginger got along fine once she healed up after the surgery. She was a little bit testy with my other dogs for several months after the surgery, but eventually she regained confidence in herself and doesn't take it personally when Charlie knocks her over. Charlie is a bit of a tease to Ginger --he often tries to pull one of her three legs out from under her. Ginger takes this in stride and usually pins him to the floor after a brief wrestling match ... quite a feat, considering Charlie is twice her size!

From the photos:

The biggest difficulty Ginger has being three-legged is chewing rawhides, but she manages them just fine.

Ginger and her foster sister Gertie gang-up on Charlie. Ginger is just about to pounce down upon Charlie's big nose.

Little Miss Ginger, wondering when mom's gonna put away that dumb camera!Hello!


We noticed your 3 legged dog club about 6 months ago and could not wait to send you a picture and bio on our dog Lucy.

Lucy,like other dogs,was born with 4 legs, but around the time she was about 1 year old, she was on a tie out chain with a lousy dog collar. While she was unsupervised for about a 20-30 minute span on her tie out, she had broken her collar and chased a car up the street (2 houses away) to the local convenience store and back down. That is when it happened.

Apparently, the car hit her and caused her leg to be thrown so far from her body at such a rapid pace that her brachial (armpit) nerves were severed (broken). She lost all muscle and nerve sensations immediately.

She didn't lose her leg until she was about 2 yrs. old and she began to chew at it and caused an open wound. We chose to have her useless leg amputated for her. Lucy is a (brindle) pit bull and cur dog and will be 5 years old this July 1999. She is doing GREAT!!!!! Lucy is home!!!!! We would love for Lucy to be a member of your wonderful 3 legged dog club!!!!!!! Tripods Rule!!!!!!

-Bill Acree,Patti, & Amanda Haag (Owners), Florida

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