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I have a three-legged dog named JC. He is missing (but not much!) his rear right leg. He was running loose near Springfield, Ill., and got his leg caught in a barbed-wire fence. He probably was caught for many days because he had begun to try to chew himself loose. A Good Samaritan happend by in his pickup truck and stopped when he saw him. He cut him loose and drove him to a veterinarian.
The veterinarian called our Animal Protective League of Springfield and Sangamon County's no-kill Waggin' Tails Shelter and our staff took him in. It was late February. Our shelter veterinarian had to amputate his leg, but he remained friendly and cheerful to everyone and soon was the pet of our shelter staff and volunteers.
I met him while helping with one of our off-site pet adoptions in March as he was just learning to balance on three legs and to accommodate his change. I promised him that if he was still at Waggin' Tails by July when I had finished a number of trips I had to take, I'd come back for him. I adopted him July 7, 1997. The shelter staff had hamed him JC for Jesus Christ because this dog truly resurrected. I have kept the name. He has fit in well with the dog I had before he came (Roxie) and the new dog I adopted this year. He loves squeakie toys and a rope toy. He runs like the wind and is friendly to everyone.
JC is a flat-coated retriever mixed-breed and is absolutely gorgeous!
(In the picture, he is on the left, purple collar. Roxie sits on the right. You may crop her out if you wish.)

Rose Marie Hutches

Monday May 22nd, 2000


Nice to hear from you! I am sending pics of Spunky (white/black pointer mix) -- he is missing his right rear leg and Keeley (yellow lab/collie mix) for your Cassie's Friend's Page! Thanks!!


Spunky (Geez-- I really don't need this K-9 cart) and

Keeley (I love my walk a bout)

Animal Lifeline of Iowa

We just got in another 3 legged dog today; transferred in from a pound in western Iowa. He was scheduled for euthansia today; got him in the nick of time. He is a small American Eskimo and will be neutered tomorrow. He is missing a back leg due to owner neglect (owner refused to provide treatment for an injury and then did not pick up the dog at the Vet's office after the amputation.)
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