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I am writing about my Airedale, Kugel who recently lost her right, front limb in September to a hemangio peri soft tissue cancer. It grew so aggressively and fast that we had no options other than surgery to prolong her happy life.
A hemangio peri sarcoma is common in many breeds. The hospital could not be sure how or why this happened. Probably genetics?
Kugel has managed to do very well in a short course of time. It has only been a few months and she is very confident of herself. Her left front limb is now more centered when she needs control. It's like she has become double jointed or something with her left leg? I am totally convinced with a little encouragement and lots of love these dogs can do ANYTHING!
Kugel turned 10 last October and although she was off to a slow start post op, she is 100% back to normal and very, agile and active.
Mastering stairs in a downward motion was the most difficult. Occasionally she would stumble or get ahead of herself, which broke my heart. Today, however, she is a pro! There isn't anything she can't do :-)
I am enclosing a couple of jpegs the day after her surgery. She has slow, but nevertheless, able to become ambulatory with a little reassurance from me. She was bandaged extensively.
Lucky for us, she *still* looks the same today, but one limb less. She has made a remarkable recovery and soon, I hope to have some photo's to share of her back up to full speed.

Debbie & Kugel

Friday January 7th, 2000
The Airedale is where it all began. Inspired by my own pet, Kugel paved the way, delighting many collectors of "things Airedale". One Airedale image lead to another, soon after, many other breed inquiries followed. My roots, as well as my artistic passion grew out of the love of one incredible pet Airedale, who lives forever in my heart.
On 01 December 2000, Kugel crossed the rainbow bridge, however, her spirit and legacy is very much alive, depicted through custom tile art form, ranging from common to exotic dog breeds. The Airemail images you will see throughout this site, are warm memories of Kugel's personality.


Hi there
we live in Grand Cayman and our names are Gussy (short for Angus) and Misha. We both have the adequate properties to join the club. Angus ended up with three legs due to exceptionally bad treatment by his owners. He was finally dragged along by a car and the whole of one side of his body totally scraped up. His leg had to be amputated. Brenda, our vet, saved his life, and kept him and nursed him until he was better. It was when our dog Caesar who was 15 years old, was finally dying that we made aquaintances with Gussy. Gussy had become attached to him at Brenda the vets and used to cuddle up next to him. Caesar had four legs, and we took him from the Bahamas to England, he went through six months quarrantine, and then came out to Cayman. Anyway, to cut a long story short he had a tropical disease and had to be put to sleep. That was when we decided to adopt Gussy. At first he had a stump, but Angus nicknamed for being such a fighter (alias Gussy) being Angus liked to dig in the sand with it to make a hole, and ended up with a massive blood blister that finally burst, and resulted in a final amputation. He is very happy on his three legs, and can now run really fast and enjoys running down the beach every evening and chasing the birds. Misha on the other hand we collected from Brenda a couple of months ago. She was a dog without a home, that wandered on to the road and had to lose half a leg. She has an amputation to her knee. Brenda again did this and took her in until she could find someone to look after her. Our first introduction to Misha was not an easy one. I imagined a weak little dog that would be a good partner for Gussy - not at all so!!!!!! I took the pair of them out of the vets after taking Gussy to meet her. Whilst going for a walk we bumped into a snake. Misha bolted and nearly lost another leg but luckily missed the car. She is wild, but very frightened of roads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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