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As requested, attached is a photo of our three legged sheltie named "Missy". Since her accident one year ago, she manages quite well; however, with all the snow Edmonton, Alberta has received lately, it's pretty slick outside. Thanks so much for writing us back over the Xmas break. Let us know how you enjoyed our prized family member.

Nancy H.


Hello--we have the cutest, sweetest, smartest, three legged doggie in Southern California. Molly is a seven year old golden retriever. She had her left rear leg amputated in August 1997. She has impressed us all with her incredible courage and strength. She still rings her bell to go outside, jumps on the bed and plays tug of war with the kids. She runs with such grace and agility it blows everyone out of the water!!!!
She was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma this past summer and we had to make that horrible decision to remove her leg. I thought she would never play, jump or be herself again. To our utter astonishment, she is better than that now....she has become a role model too! I teach severely handicapped preschool children with a wide variety of disabilities. I am planning to bring Molly in to teach about overcoming physical challenges. She is such a wonderful example to share!!! I plan to bring her to my class as well as the class with typically developing preschoolers next door. Talk about a perfect lesson plan!
How on earth did you come up with such a wonderful club. When I read about it in the Dogfancy magazine I just about fell out of my chair!! WOW!
Keep us updated on anything else you are doing!!

Debbie, Molly, Alex and Dennis Imming

Monday December 15, 1997
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