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March 1999 -- This is Monty (Montana), my foster dog. He's a rescued dog, so we don't know how his foot got injured. Over the past two years or so, Monty has been adopted twice, but returned because his foot was such a big problem, and he was kind of destructive. Monty is about three years old now, and what a sweetie!!

During his life, many procedures were done in an attempt to save his foot. In the end, the only remaining option was to amputate. His big surgery was three months ago.

Incredibly, he recovered and adapted in two days (which actually drove his foster mom nuts)!! Because of all the procedures that were done to him, he had a lot of practice on three legs before the big surgery. He also got to keep his shoulder, which is an easier, less painful surgery and one from which a dog recovers much more quickly.

Today, Monty is a VERY happy dog and can finally get on with his life. He has no limitations that we know of (we don't know yet if he can swim).

Amputating his leg is the best thing we ever did for him. I personally have had Monty for about four months, and he plays with my dog Jamie constantly. They play pretty roughly, and Monty manages to stay on his feet more than Jamie does. Since Jamie and I have had him, Monty has gotten healthy and trim and has also recovered psychologically from his whole ordeal, and he's once again available for adoption!

Thank you for letting Monty join your club!

Jody Ernest
Friends For Life Animal Sanctuary
Gilbert, Arizona


I had a hunch that someone would have a club for 3 legged doggies and their parents! Yogi would like to join. He is going to be 13 on March 23, he lost a front leg to cancer 2 and 1/2 years ago.

He's a Golden Retreiver. He gets along great at home, but because of his age, he needs his mom to pull him in a wagon for long walks with his younger siblings. His favorite thing to do is ride on the front of his dad's fishing boat with his lifejacket on, and he loves upside down running for exercise, and of course, he really loves attention! Here's a photo of Yogi.

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