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Hi, my beloved child's name is Wondermutt and she might not know it but she is missing her back left leg. Wondermutt's story is long and tragic and has left her with many issues.
To begin with, her mother tried to eat her when she was only hours old. Luckily, she was rescued by a client at the animal hospital I work at named Laurie Green and then bottle fed by a receptionist there named Lynn. All of this took place long before I started working there but Wondermutt and I were fated. Anyway, Lynn thought that she had found the perfect home for Wondermutt, then called Misery because "misery loves company", when she was 6 weeks old. They had a fence and kids and promised to bring her back to our hospital for all her future vet. needs and if there was any problem they would call Lynn. Unfortunately this family decided instead to give her to someone else who did not have a fence or take care of her at all. When she was only 8 months old she was hit by a car leaving her rear left leg dangling uselessly from her hip. Thank goodness these people lived near our hospital (PetMed) and brought her in to us a few nights later. This was also one of my first evenings working there. I held her for the x-rays which showed her pulverized bones. Her now shiny white coat was then brown and infested with fleas and ticks. Despite all this Lynn recognized Misery, now called Daphne,immediately. Daphne's family had no intention of spending any money to help her but left her in our hospital for weeks! Legally we could do nothing-yet. Finally they returned to sign a euthanasia form. Two days later her leg was amputated and she was spayed, then she came home with me. Wondermutt has lived with me now for a year and a half and will be 6 in November 2003. She is my best friend and I cannot imagine life without her. She has no problems running and loves to go for long walks. We both participated in Nashville's Aidswalk last month. We plan on finding an agility class that will accept her with her disability. She is very much looking forward to it!

Ashley Lewin and Wondermutt
Wednesday November 3rd, 1999


In 1993, my first Golden Retriever, Barney, lost his left hind leg. It had dislocated while he was fence running (he had severe canine hip dysplasia that I was unaware of) the vets tried to save the leg but due to complications (infection), he had to have the leg amputated. Barney passed away in 1996 to cancer. But the three years he was a tripod, he was incredible! I would actually see him balance on the 2 front legs and lift the remaining hind leg to 'mark his territory'. He had some trouble with hopping onto the bed or the couch, so we moved the bed off the frame and kept it on the floor so it would be easier for him. We also taught him 'scoocht', in that he would sit by you with his rear next to you and then we'd help him up onto the couch, etc. At the time of his amputation, 11 years ago, I only dreamed of meeting others who had gone through something similar. This is super that the internet helps so many people. Right after his amputation, I was unsure of how to help him. My mom gave me some great advice, she said, do NOT baby him! Mom was right! Barney started walking and learning to rebalance almost right away. It wasn't long before he was chasing balls. Barney humbled me and taught me so much. He was the first dog I ever put an AKC title on. He accepted. He taught me to accept. His big red heart was joy filled and he taught me joy. He taught me strength, courage, and that you can handle what comes your way. One day at a time. Autumn's Flash of Flame, CD ~ Barney October 31, 1988 to May 22, 1996

Vicki, AZ
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